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Warriors defeat Spurs 129-115, head back to NBA Finals

The Warriors swept the first three rounds of the playoffs as they head back to the NBA Finals for the third straight season.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors defeated the San Antonio Spurs 129-115 on Monday night, becoming the first team to ever enter the NBA Finals with a 12-0 playoff record. This will be the third straight Finals appearance for the Warriors, though we don’t yet know for sure who they will face.

Remember this feeling, Warriors fans. Remember how good this feels. This is what we all foolishly and arrogantly dreamed of at the start of the season and here we are, living it. It brings a tear to the eye. Don’t let the haters steal this moment from you.

The series was a tough loss for San Antonio. There will be people complaining from now until we’re all huddling around fires in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future about “Yeah, but Kawhi.” And that’s fair. They can speculate what would have happened if he hadn’t been injured in the Houston series. Or re-injured in this series. But we’ll never know, because we can’t change what happened. We know all about the “What if?” game, we’ve had plenty of time to play it in the last year.

Stephen Curry surpassed Kobe Bryant on the all-time playoff 3-point list, which was almost better than the series sweep for some. Any time Curry replaces Bryant in the record books is a great day for America.

Curry scored a game-high 36 points with five rebounds and six assists and was a layup fiend. Sometimes it seems as though Curry has made a deal with physics so that the rules don’t apply to him. Truly breathtaking.

Kevin Durant put up 29 points, 12 rebounds, four assists and a block that should have counted for two.

Draymond Green had 16 points, eight rebounds and eight assists. Meanwhile Ian Clark was hot off the bench with 12 points, including a couple of dagger threes to silence the crowd as the Spurs began to threaten a comeback that never appeared.

Klay Thompson continues to be cold on offense, but when you’ve got Curry and Durant averaging roughly 30ppg, these are what they call “Champagne Problems,” and I have full faith in Thompson to come out shooting flames at some point in the Finals. He’s overdue.

What an emotional game. Much respect to the Spurs fans tonight for showing out with the love for Manu Ginobili. We don’t know for certain that Ginobili will retire after this season, but everyone appreciated him throughout the night just in case it ends up being his final game in the NBA.

And now, we wait. The Finals don’t start until June 1st, and Cleveland has a 2-1 series lead over Boston, so it could still, technically, go either way. But between now and then, keep remembering this.

How sweet it is.

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