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2017 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavaliers V.3 is unprecedented in every way

The Warriors will meet the Cavaliers for the third straight year in the Finals. That’s never happened before, ever.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“We’ve never seen anything like this before.” I know people throw that phrase around with an alarming degree of frequency, but in this situation, it actually fits. We seriously have never seen anything like this before, mostly because it has never, ever happened.

The Warriors are facing the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals for the third straight year in a row. This is virgin territory. The land around us is familiar — hello bad dreams of Kyrie Irving threes from yesteryear — but untrodden. Never before have two teams worked their way to three consecutive Finals versus each other. Not during Bird’s Celtics vs. Magic’s Lakers. Not Jordan’s Bulls vs. the Stockton/Malone Jazz. Not even Russell’s Celtics vs. Jerry West’s Lakers, although they did meet four out of five years between 1962-1966. Also, man, sometimes you forget how dominant that Celtics team was. I mean:

Damn. That’s 12 out of 13 years, for an overall record of 11-1. #Respect.

And yet, two teams have never met in the Finals in three consecutive seasons. It’s hard as heck to make it to the Finals, no matter who you are. The fact LeBron James has made it seven straight years is just bat guano unprecedented for anyone not named Bill Russell.

It’s the Finals match-up we’ve all been anticipating, and it is the Finals match-up we all deserve. Tell me you wanted to see any other result. C’mon, I’ll wait. Did anyone actually want to see, say, Celtics vs. Spurs? Or, maybe, Washington vs. Clippers? (Also, lol Clippers, you’re done. Go away.).

Instead, we have the league’s obvious two best teams tilting towards one another at top speed yet again. But, this time, both teams are fully healthy. Stephen Curry isn’t hobbling around on a recently injured knee. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are both playing at near peak levels (other than a rolled ankle for Kyrie and a small, brief limping session for Love, but both say they’re fine).

Seriously, Kyrie is doing some of the nastiest balling right now.

Uggggggh he’s good at this basketball thing.

Side note, as good as Kyrie is, this was the worst take of ALL TIME, and remember, we unfortunately live in a world shared by Stephen A. Smith and his blisteringly horrendous opinions:

OH [EXPLETIVE] ME, THAT IS AGGRESSIVELY BAD. Stephen “A. stands for [______]” Smith would never even sink that low.

Anyways, moving on.

We are lucky human beings to be able to watch this series. Assuming the world doesn’t end in the next few days, we are poised to witness history, no matter the outcome. Sure, I’m hoping for a thorough beatdown of epic proportions — I’m talking about a four game sweep, each game won by the Warriors by 35+ points, with LeBron crying in shame on national TV at the end — but I’ll take whatever the basketball gods dole out.

In all seriousness, this could very well go seven games again. It just might. I really don’t think the Warriors are going fo’ fo’ fo’ fo’, as much as it would be a fantastic end to a brilliant season. No matter what, a win would catapult this Warriors team back into the “best team of all-time” conversation, plus would provide sweet, sweet vindication for all us hurting, angry, depressed Warriors fans who lived through 3-1.

Whatever happens, it’s gonna be lit. Are you guys ready for this? Seriously! Have you truly processed the fact that the FRICKIN GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS, THEY OF THE COHAN ERA, JOE SMITH DRAFT, AND THIS PICTURE:


It still feels like a dream. Well, as they say, “Life is but a dream; it's what you make it. Always try to give; don't ever take it. Go Dubs!”

At least, that’s how I remember the lyrics going.

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