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2017 NBA Playoffs: Steve Kerr undergoes spinal cord procedure with eye towards return

Could this be the turning point in Kerr’s battle against his initial botched surgery?

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Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob, Steve Kerr recently underwent yet another spinal cord procedure, with an eye towards potentially returning this postseason. In an interview with Bloomberg Radio, Lacob shed some light on a situation that has ranged from confusing to terrifying, both for Kerr himself and for Warriors fans who adore him.

From the interview:

"He had a back surgery, a relatively common procedure, almost two years ago now. And had a, really, what is relatively a uncommon thing happen, which is the dural around the spinal cord got nicked, and you wind up getting a spinal cord leak, and ultimately headaches and other symptoms — bad headaches, migraines. Unfortunately, they usually patch that with a blood patch, and it’s over. Either in a week, or a month, or whatever. And in his case, for whatever reason, they just haven’t been able to solve that problem. Hopefully it was solved yesterday. He had another procedure. It's gone on for nearly two years. Very unusual, I believe. I have a medical background, so I know a little about this, but I’ve never really heard of many people having this problem for this long. We feel really bad for him, the players. Everybody understands it. We just have to be in his court here and support whatever it takes for him to get back, and I'm sure they will eventually solve it. Hopefully sooner rather than later, and hopefully we'll have him coaching on the court sooner rather than later."

Lacob opened the conversation about Kerr praising the man for his accomplishments, and for his general bad-assery.

“Steve is one of the greatest people ever. He is an amazing guy, he’s incredibly smart, he’s brought incredible success to us. And it’s very unfortunate what’s happening here.”

You can check out the whole interview here (Kerr conversation starts around 29:43):

As Lacob said, “Hopefully we’ll have him on the court coaching sooner than later.” Could this latest procedure be the answer? Will we see the reigning coach of the year prowling the sidelines soon? Yelling at coaches and breaking clipboards and things? I sure hope so.

[h/t Reddit]

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