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Warriors parade 2017: Start time, TV schedule, map and route for championship celebration

Here’s all the info you’ll need including start time, parade route, how to watch online, and more. Let’s get ready to party!

Poised To Win NBA Finals, Warriors Fans Cheer On Their Team Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

After winning the 2017 NBA Finals, it’s time to PAAAARRRTTTAAAAAAYYY. Warriors fans, are you ready to get out there and pack downtown Oakland for the second time in three years?!

The details:

[All details, maps, from]

Where: The parade begins on Broadway at 11th Street, turning right on Grand Avenue, turning right on Harrison to 19th St, and right on Lakeside Drive, ending on Oak and proceeding to the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center.

When: Fans can line up for the Rally as early as 5 a.m. at Lakeshore and 12th Street, but the parade does not start until 10am PT (by which time Draymond Green will hopefully be nice and saucy).

How to watch: The parade and rally will air live Thursday beginning at 9 a.m. on NBC Sports Bay Area. Or, if you’re not in the Bay Area (like me, unfortunately), you can stream the whole thing at, or on NBC Sports mobile app.

How we got here: The Warriors beat the Cavaliers 4-1 in the 2017 NBA Finals, erasing an entire season of hatred, doubt, and bad 3-1 jokes.

Why: Because we can. Because the Warriors are champions of the world.

‎Posted by Golden State of Mind on‎ יום שני 12 יוני 2017

The parade two years ago provided a lifetime’s worth of entertainment. Luckily, we now get to celebrate two short years later.

I have some questions, though:

Will we see Draymond Green try and outdo himself with the, uh, revelries?

Two years ago, Draymond unleashed himself upon the world with passion and commitment of a trained entertainer. It was a sight to behold. I mean how many times have you sort of sung this little song to yourself since 2015’s parade?

Can we just hand Steve Kerr the keys to every city in every part of the whole state?

What he just did, battling back from his seemingly season ending (and potentially career threatening) ailments, was nothing short of breathtaking. Seriously. I’ve said this before, but he is my favorite person in all of sports, anywhere. Any coach. Any player. Any ball boy. Any front office person. I want nothing but the absolute, absolute best for Steve and his family. Warriors fans, let’s salute him when he gets up to speak.

Kevin Durant is King of the World.

Did you guys see this? This may have been the coolest moment from a night full of very cool moments.

How will Durant enjoy his first ever championship parade? I can’t wait to see the look on his face as he rides one of those big old buses.

Also, are you curious how the fellas have been since we last saw them celebrating on court?

Lol, yes!!

Anyways, tune in, drop out, skip out on work, make your way to Oakland, make your way to a TV, make your way to your laptop. It’s gonna go down. Tomorrow 10am.

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