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Warriors news: Stephen Curry looking at big pay day, the cost of keeping Golden State’s core, 2017 NBA Finals statistics

A beautiful end to a beautiful season.

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NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors have done it again! Just perfect.

The Warriors did not blow a 3-1 lead and I couldn’t be happier. I am still struggling to fully articulate how amazing this feels. But the elephant in the room that seemingly everyone else is already talking about is keeping this team together.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reported Tuesday night that the Warriors are intent on signing two-time MVP Stephen Curry to a “super max” contract .

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to keep Steph here and happy,” Lacob told Tim Kawakami of Bay Area News Group when asked if the Warriors will offer Curry the maximum $205 million over five years this summer. “And I know he wants to be here and we want him here. So, I do not anticipate any issues with him staying.”

That falls in line with what Curry himself told Kawakami in January.

So keep dreamin’, Charlotte.

Yet with that confirmed and the assumption that the Warriors will also let Kevin Durant get his, the question remains how they can keep this core together while also fielding a roster around them. The short story, according to Bobby Marks of The Vertical, is that the Warriors are going to be paying out a ton of money in luxury tax over the next four years.

Although Golden State doesn’t need to trade any of its four All-Stars, ownership will need to weigh the value of roster flexibility and tax consequences against winning NBA championships.

In other words, if ownership is willing to pay, the Warriors core four can stay together.

The projected price to keep the burgeoning dynasty together? A mere $1.4 billion over next four years.

So if you don’t believe what Klay Thompson said the other night — for some reason this talk of him leaving to be The Man elsewhere persists without much basis — then just believe Marks.

Yes, it is way premature to discuss offseason transactions for next season, but it was difficult not to pay attention to Thompson’s comments about his future with the team given that it’s easy to imagine this group winning titles for years to come if they stay together. And it was striking in the post game interviews that every player snuck in a mention about not sacrificing anything, and being a member of the team for the long term. Who knows how long this run can last, but it looks like our core is in for the long haul. And the fact that Lacob seems so ready to commit his money to the stars — not to mention the crafty plan to prepare to land Durant in the first place — makes it seem like they’re ready to pay both the Big Four and those key role players like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston as well.

But all of that is why it makes even more sense to pay even more attention to the draft over the next few years (and even this year, despite the Warriors not having a pick): they have to maximize the opportunity to identify more future Hall of Famers like Patrick McCaw low-cost players.

Warriors parade begins at 10 am today

Bram Kincheloe wrote up the details for today’s championship parade yesterday. It starts at 10am and runs along a similar route to last time. Line up early if you want a good spot!

And it looks like NBC is going hard with their coverage of the event:

Looking back at the 2017 NBA Finals

Game 5 box score and gameflow

Here is the basketball reference link to the total Finals stats

Do you listen to the postgame sound? There are a lot of really good interviews on the Warriors sound cloud. At a minimum, please listen to Kevin Durant, he’s fighting through some booze-fueled coughs but really breaks down the relationships and significance that lead up to this moment.

Also, the Steph victory cigar? He said that it was a leftover from last year. He didn’t get to smoke it then, so he told his buddy to save it for the next year. It was destiny!

Here are the total statistics for the series. Really impressive numbers from Durant and Curry are the first thing we will notice as Warriors fans, but a few specific notes on some player accomplishments:

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