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LINKS: Warriors sleep little and party lots leading up to today’s victory parade

NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant claims his last full night of sleep was between Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals.

NBA: Golden State Warriors-Championship Celebration
NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant celebrates in the sun.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors endured the grind of an 82-game regular season and a 15-1 Playoffs record to win the NBA Championship for the second time in three years.

Sacrifices were made on and off the court. Players battled injuries and Coach Steve Kerr battled major health challenges.

Everyone dealt with the fan outrage and media criticism that came when Kevin Durant signed on the dotted line.

So, yeah — it’s time they partied their asses off!

The joy, of course, started on the court.

“Avalanche of happy moments”

A groggy-voiced Kevin Durant joined Bill Simmons on his podcast on Wednesday to discuss Game 5 and what he was feeling immediately following the game clock ticking down to 00.00 on Monday night. The tired voice was apparently due to lack of sleep throughout the series.

In every game of the Finals, I tweeted that Durant wanted this title more than anyone. His lack of sleep speaks for itself. And even he states that his play during the Finals was the best of his entire life.

And ... Durant’s tired voice might have a little something to do with how hard they all partied Monday night after clinching the victory. Draymond Green brought the hilarity to Jimmy Kimmel Live! as he described the antics that went on at what appears to be an after-party for the ages.

Dray seems to have feels over Bob Myers attending and partying with the players. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, too!

Fashion statement

LeBron James’ choice of attire for the 2016 Cavaliers’ parade rubbed many Warriors’ fans the wrong way. One guy on Twitter encouraged Stephen Curry to hit the parade wearing a t-shirt with the words “King Slayer” on it. It’s pretty safe to say Steph isn’t about that nonsense ... so Draymond took matters into his own hands.

But LeBron didn’t stop there. Intent to upstage the Warriors on their parade day, he drew attention on Instagram for a video of his new haircut. (File to: Pissy and Petty.)

LeBron: Look at me! I got a haircut!

Warriors: Um, we won the championship, bro. Parade today, too! [maniacal laughter]

So, our beloved Draymond shut. this. shit. down.

The circled text is a hilarious hot mess:

Them dubs finally made him go bald!!! Congrats bro @kingjames

Is Draymond securing his post-NBA career in comedy, or what?

Anyway, with a player as petty as LeBron, who would expect anything less of his fans, too? A few Cavs’ fans showed up to the parade today to show out. Just saaaaaaaad.

Strength in Numbers

While LeBron was getting a haircut, 1.5 million Warriors’ fans were turning up to celebrate their championship team.

Okay, maybe it was really 1,499,997 Warriors’ fans there ... if you subtract the few Cavs’ stragglers.

Light Years

Did you know Ian Clark has serious gymnastics abilities?!

The dude is so happy he did back flips!

And whether on the court, on the sidelines, or in the streets at a parade, Steph remains the #1 Hype Man of all time.

Contacts > Block this Caller

Is there anything more cliche than an old flame coming out of the woodwork the minute you make it big? #KiddingNotKidding

He said he appreciated it, so ... any smile on KD’s face is a smile on my face, too.

Man on the move

Is there anything more precious than this?

It’s great to see him able to take part in the festivities. And dare we say that he seriously made a fan’s day?

Dub Nation proud

Today’s parade was as much a celebration of the team’s epic championship win as it was of the best fan base in the world.

Golden State fans have been gifted with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to this team. On the court, they are kick-ass players. Off of it, they are kick-ass people.

It feels great to be able to hold our heads high and proudly say, “I’m a Warriors’ fan (before being a Warriors’ fan was cool).”


With Klay’s house full of people as Draymond claims, after crashing on his couch Monday night, where does Rocco sleep?

Does he get a king-sized bed all to himself?

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