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2017 NBA Champion Warriors parade: Highlights, speeches, and more!

The best team of all time took their turn in the sun, parading through downtown Oakland.

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade And Rally Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Warriors paraded through downtown Oakland yesterday, as they celebrated their second championship in three years. Things were lit from the beginning. The Warriors’ Dance Mom was there! Barry Bonds was there! Even “Toaster Guy” was there!

I just had a thought that maybe was super, super obvious to everyone else other than me, because I’m old and washed: Do you think Toaster Guy asked Klay Thompson to sign his toaster because he was making a subtle joke about how Klay supposedly loves himself a good, err, “toast?” Or, you know, “toasty-toast?” Or is this type of lingo no longer used in decent society, and I’m showing myself for the fool I truly am?

Either way, Toaster Guy was there.

Tamryn already wrote a fantastic article featuring many awesome, weird, behind-the-scenes moments from the parade and more, but I figured there were so many things to share, why not carry on the party?

Some of my favorite moments, in no particular order:

Durant and his mom address the haters

Klay talks about the toaster, as well as his special relationship with his dad

Matt Barnes runs away from a very reasonable, open ended question

Bob Myers is a late night legend

Draymond Green demands that we give Bob Myers “SOME F—CKING CREDIT!”

Well, heck Draymond, when it put it like that, then yes. Yes, we will give Bob Myers some, er, credit for putting this team together. In regards to LeBron James saying he never played on a super team, Draymond said, “YOU STARTED THE SUPERTEAM, BRO!”

Lol, Draymond, forever and forever.

Overall, it was a fun, relatively tame experience. There was nowhere near the same level of surprise, debauchery, or drunkenness as in 2015. However, that was to be expected. When the Warriors won two years ago, they unlocked the hidden demon that had been dwelling inside all of our little Warriors’ souls since 1975. The win unlocked and freed the little demon that had caused all the heat break, all the misery, all the Cohen years, all the dumb trades and miserable drafts when there were obvious players to be taken (who later went on to become stars in the league). All the young players growing into potential stars, only to be traded away before they blossomed. All the bad basketball and disrespect from other fan bases. All of that was washed away by the first title.

After last year, after the unprecedented collapse, the Warriors knew what they had to do. Like many of the players said, this truly was a “Championship or Bust” season. They were the favorites going in, and they’ll be the favorites again next season.

So, if this parade seemed a little more of a foregone conclusion than last year, maybe that’s just the way the team is trending. Or maybe we can all feel the weight of the expectations that players have put upon themselves. No longer the young, “lucky,” plunky team of 2015, the Warriors have matured into the best team in the league, if not the best team in all of league history. And this parade felt like it. They weren’t amazed at what they had accomplished, rather, they were relieved that their vision had come true.

You could almost feel them plotting to get back to it as quickly as possible.

However, regardless of how the parade felt in comparison to 2015, or how the Bay Area is changing quicker than we’d all like to admit, people still got out there and had themselves a weird, grand time.

There will be a lot more to come. The NBA Draft is right around the corner, and even though the Warriors don’t have a pick this year, they’ve been known to pull a crafty move or two (buying into the second round last year for Pat McCaw, aka #McCawllstar, aka Nate’s favorite son). It’s a time when every NBA franchise feels the intoxicating burn of expectation. When everyone looks around and thinks, “hey, we might actually compete next year!”

That may be true, but regardless of what happens in the draft — or with players forcing their way to new teams, or with new stars teaming up to try and dethrone the champs — everyone is making their moves with the vision of Durant, Curry and the Warriors firmly lodged in their brains. They’re all chasing what the Warriors already have.

The NBA runs through the Bay now, and the river doesn’t seem to be changing course anytime soon.

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