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Will Steve Kerr return to the bench in Game 2 of the 2017 NBA Finals?

Man, I sure hope so.

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After missing every single game since coaching Game 2 of the Warriors’ first round match-up against the Portland Trail Blazers, Steve Kerr has been trying to find a way back to the court. He and the team still haven’t made a final call on if he will indeed return during this Finals rematch against the Cavaliers, but now — according to ESPN — sources are saying that his chances are improving, and that his health is improving.

From ESPN:

"He may coach Sunday. He's feeling better," a source close to Kerr told ESPN's Marc Spears.

Kerr had been feeling well enough earlier this week to be hopeful that he would be able to coach in Game 1 on Thursday, but according to team sources, after he had a bad day Wednesday, he decided it was best for acting head coach Mike Brown to continue leading the team.

Brown urged Kerr to wait until game time to make a final decision about coaching Game 1, but Kerr felt he needed to string together several good days in a row before returning.

Kerr watched Game 1 with Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton as Brown tallied his 11th consecutive victory with a 113-91 rout of his former team at Oracle Arena.

Okay, a couple of things that stand out:

  1. This is fantastic news. Even if Kerr does not end up returning to the bench, just hearing that he is feeling better is a huge relief. The worst case scenario here is that he would have to step away from coaching altogether, and given that he obviously loves the game, and has so far put together a Hall of Fame worthy career in only three short years, that would be a tragedy of the highest sporting order.
  2. He almost coached Game 1! Not that it mattered, that game was a bloodbath, but hey. If he’s almost back, I’ll take it.
  3. Brown wants Kerr back. He’s not trying to be like, “Oh, yeah, dude, take your time. I’m good. I’m goooooooood,” with an eye towards his own personal glory or something.
  4. Kerr watched the game with Luke Walton?? Yesssss, that makes me very very happy.

This is all good, this is all fine. This is all — at the very least — much better than a few weeks ago when Kerr was flying to North Carolina to get fluid drained, and we thought we might never see him again on the Warriors sideline.

Anyways, Game 2 is Sunday. Let’s see if there are any further developments between now and then.

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