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The Warriors ruined the NBA by inducing everyone to panic trade in a frenzy

The NBA is weird right now.

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Three Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

We are one day out from the 2017 NBA Draft. Already, there has been a slew of activity. Trades are either being executed or rumored all across this great swath of NBA landscape. Players are shaking their shaved heads in the general direction of owners who are making strange decisions wrought in real time Comic Sans.

In other words, things are weird right now. A small sampling:

The Lakers gave up on 21-year-old D’Angello Russell, dumping him alongside Timofey Mozgov to the Nets in exchange for Brook Lopez (on an expiring contract) and a low first round pick in this year’s draft. Paul George rumors have been flying around hot and heavy. The Cavaliers strangely (stupidly?) decided to part ways with highly successful GM David Griffin. Suddenly, there are rumors that LeBron James might leave in 2018 free agency. On top of that, the rumors continue, if LeBron leaves, Kyrie Irving will look to leave as well.

Things are so bad and weird right now in Cleveland that Cavs players are reportedly telling Jimmy Butler — who as recently as earlier this week was a main target of theirs in the off-season — to not to come to their team due to the recent dysfunction and uncertain future!

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

According to a Cleveland source close to the situation, several of the Cavaliers who had been prodding Butler to push for a trade from the Bulls the last five days were now warning him to stay away from a suddenly volatile situation.

With the ouster of Cavaliers general manager David Griffin on Monday, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love could be headed for an unforeseen early breakup.

How did we get here so quick? I mean, the Warriors stunted all over the league (and all over the Cavaliers in the Finals) but Good Lord, this happened fast!

We are not here to gloat (well, not reeeeeally), but still, some of these moves defy logic. If you’re Dan Gilbert, and you somehow convinced home town hero and potential GOAT LeBron James to not only forgive your petty, stupid 2010 Comic Sans letter, but also somehow wrung a championship out of him, do you really want to turn around and give him motivation to either force a trade this off-season, or at the very least consider leaving in free agency after next season?

Either way, it’s a remarkable series of events that have led us to this moment, only a few days removed from the Warriors’ parade.

Seems like Draymond Green might wanna hang a “Mission Accomplished” banner in the practice facility, or at least alongside his personal trophy case.

Also, never forget:

Them dubs finally made him go bald!!! Congrats bro @kingjames

A post shared by Draymond Green (@money23green) on

Smh, Draymond is absolutely savage.

The league is literally shaking at its core right now, looking up at the Golden State Warriors. I’ve written about this before, but it’s still surreal to have witnessed the change in the league the past few seasons: the unexpected rise of Stephen Curry, the coalescing of a superior team under the leadership of Steve Kerr, the glory of 2015, the sorrow of 2016, Kevin Durant’s decision, and the ultimate redemption of 2017. Suddenly, the Cavaliers and the rest of the NBA are struck dumb, trying to find ways to compete.

Call me crazy, but maybe hastily made GM firings, sudden decisions to shave your head, or giving up on a 21-year-old potential star before you’ve given him a decent chance to succeed are not the smartest ways to go about all this.

Either way, it’s made for some riveting entertainment the past 48 hours. We are still more than 24 hours from draft night! I’m salivating, just thinking about what other nonsense is steamrolling down the pipeline.

Also, Sam’s take is [insert hot fire emoji]:

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