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Stephen Curry will be a Warrior for five more years!

The Warriors have finalized long-term deals with Stephen Curry and Shaun Livingston

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade And Rally Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Bay Area can breathe a sigh of relief. Stephen Curry isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The Warriors have re-signed both Curry and Shaun Livingston to multiple-year deals. Livingston will get $24 million over three years, while Curry will receive a “supermax” contract worth $201 million over five years with no player option.

Curry notoriously took a lower amount during his last foray into free agency and will now reap the benefits of all of his hard work over the last few years. With interest.

It is as yet unclear whether there is a no-trade clause. (Update: There is, indeed, a no-trade clause!)

Livingston, it seems, will benefit from a likely decreased deal with Kevin Durant at a later date and a bit of structuring, with $8 million guaranteed for the first two seasons and $2 million guaranteed for the third season, 2019-2020.

With Durant due to sign later this month, the player to watch right now is Andre Iguodala, who is meeting with teams tonight. Iguodala has indicated he would like to stay in the Bay Area, but duration will be a factor in his deal, perhaps more so than money.

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