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Oh man, I really hope the Warriors [redacted so I don’t jinx it] the Cavaliers

How sweet would it be if the Warriors [not gonna go there]?

2017 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After a powerful, deeply satisfying come-from-behind victory in Cleveland last night, the Warriors now stand on the precipice of [can’t talk about it] the Cavaliers. If they do actually win Game 4 and [nope, not yet], would that make up for last year’s horrific 3-1 situation? Could we finally stop making bad jokes? Could we all take a collective breath and move forward into this new world?

Would a [don’t make me say it] change anything? Would we feel better about ourselves?

One thing is for sure. Kevin Durant sure is good at basketball. Will he be that good in Game 4 again? Will he help the Warriors [nooooooo way I’m going there]? Can it be done?

Is 16-[wait, whoa, almost jinxed it there] on the table? Is history beckoning? If the Warriors finish off this series by [oh man, you’re gonna make me say it, huh?] the Cavaliers, will we consider them the best team of all time? I mean, like ALL TIME ALL TIME?

This is a serious conversation.

If the Warriors do end up winning in dominant fashion in Game 4, will people hate this team for eternity? Will we keep getting hate mail in our twitter mentions?

Or will we finally pivot towards a deeper understanding of this team?

I’m actually super curious, primarily as a basketball fan.

How will we look at this specific team, say, five years from now? Ten years? Twenty?

When it’s all said and done — no matter what happens in the coming years (Durant re-signing, Curry re-signing, Iguodala still around?) — will we look back at this team and say definitively that they were the best ever?

Would a sw[whoa, whoa, whoa, not yet] put those questions to rest? If they lose tomorrow night, are y’all gonna come at me and burn my house down or something? Am I jinxing this whole thing by even mentioning the “S” word?

Either way, we’ve never seen anything like this before. This team — with its collection of superstars and super subs — is a special beast. It’s a fire-breathing, take-no-prisoners monster rampaging across the NBA landscape.

So, screw it. If the Warriors are gonna be the villains, I’m going full heel.

Let’s do this. Sweep the [okay, now I have to redact this word, so I don’t get fired].

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