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Massive confusion reigns as Draymond Green is almost ejected after apparent 2nd technical foul

What just happened?

2017 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Sooooo, Draymond Green was seemingly just ejected after receiving his second technical foul of the game. However, after getting called up, the referees seriously just re-imagined reality by changing the original technical to Steve Kerr instead of Draymond, so that Green could stay in the game.

Listen, even as a Warriors fan, this is some really bad looks for the NBA. They quite literally changed the tech from Draymond to Kerr, but only after (stupidly) assessing a tech to Draymond on a meaningless, harmless play.

I want nothing more than for the Warriors to win this game and sweep, but if Draymond Green somehow hits the game-winning shot, after narrowly avoiding getting tossed — from techs on two questionable calls that will be scrutinized like the Zapruder film in the coming days — NBA fans are going to have a hard time laying off that “asterisk” talk.

Man, this game has been wild. Let’s see what’s about to happen.

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