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2017 NBA Finals: 16-0 was apparently not meant to be

The Warriors were thoroughly outplayed by a hungry Cavaliers team in Game 4.

Golden State Warriors Fans Gather To Watch Their Team In Game Four Against The Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers showed up to play tonight. Yes, I’m sure they’d heard the rumblings about how a sweep was inevitable. And, yes, if you want to blame me for even bringing it up, I’m okay with that. However, I’d rather you turned your aggression towards someone higher up than me. You know, I don’t mind passing off these types of responsibilities and duties.

But, regardless of who was actually responsible for karmically ruining the Warriors’ chances tonight (it was Seth, obviously), the Cavaliers just straight up came out and played a historic game.

They scored the most points ever in a single Finals’ quarter when they put up 49 points in the first quarter.

And then, they topped that off by scoring the most points ever in a single Finals’ half when they dropped 86 points over the first two quarters.

Even with the Cavaliers setting scoring records right and left, you still got the feeling that the Warriors would just make one big run, and suddenly be right back in the middle of it. However, that run never quite happened. They kept clanking shots they’d normally drop, and that extended push that we all thought was just around the horizon never materialized.

Also, Draymond Green definitely should have been kicked out of this game after receiving his second technical foul, but one of the strangest couple of minutes in NBA history somehow prevented that.

After getting called for an inconsequential tech for arguing a meaningless play late in the third quarter, it seemed as if Draymond would be forced to exit yet another playoff game. However — and even though the official box score had originally reported Green as the culprit — the referees, upon reviewing the different plays, transferred the original tech to Steve Kerr, who had been standing nearby and gesturing with great gusto alongside Green.

Tech #1 (video doesn’t show a great view of Kerr, who sprinted downcourt and did some yelling):

Tech #2:

To which, I say:

But, more importantly, COME ON. WHAT? WHAT WAS THAT SECOND CALL?

Basically, the referees were overmatched in this game. It was a disgrace. There’s no other way to say it. Just as a basketball fan, the game was a horrendous display of badly timed breakdowns from the fellas in pinstripes.

Regardless of whatever plays out in the next few days, we’ll have at least a hundred different, strangely incoherent storylines playing out in the publish sphere:

Example A:

Example B:

Let the petty wars begin. We (sort of) have a series now. Let the 3-1 jokes flow. Seriously, get them off now, while you can. Game 5 is in Oakland. Will the Warriors clinch on their home court? Or are we destined to repeat history in the most violent and depressing ways possible from now until the endtimes?

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