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Andre Iguodala re-signs with Warriors!

Andre’s wild ride of free agency ended abruptly today as the Warriors upped their offer and closed the deal.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The big question of this free agency period for the Warriors was answered tonight as they re-signed Andre Iguodala for three years at $48 million.

So far, there are no details as to how the deal breaks down per year, or whether there is a player option or no-trade clause. However, this signing goes to show how serious the organization is about keeping this team together at any cost.

Iguodala began meeting with teams last night and last met with the Houston Rockets earlier today, after which he canceled his remaining meetings and was expected to be bringing Houston’s offer to the Warriors to counter.

Ultimately, he beat Adrian Wojnarowski to the punch and made his own announcement:

Check the time-stamps.

It was widely speculated that duration would play the largest factor in Iguodala’s decision on whether or not to return to Golden State and that the Warriors had initially been hesitant to give an extended deal, at least partially due to the pending free agencies of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

However, with the announcement that the Warriors had upped the offer to three years, it seemed all but a given that he would re-sign.

The last big piece will be what happens with Kevin Durant, but even that is just details at this point, as he has already indicated he will be staying.

Life is good in the Golden State.

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