Updated salary payroll for Dubs: Iguodala/Livingston contracts not front-loaded

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like Eric Pincus of just updated his pay sheet for the Dubs, with this Tweet announcing it. Pincus has direct access to player contracts/league records, so almost always has the most accurate NBA salary sheets around.

Notable revelations/observations:

  • Andre and Shaun's contracts are not front-loaded, with ~8% raises each year. There was some speculation that they might have been signed to higher initial salaries to minimize tax implications in the latter years, as the Dubs will be paying some significant luxury/repeater taxes, but alas, no progressively declining salaries.
  • Jordan Bell's 2-year contract is fully guaranteed.
  • Steph and KD's contracts both include +15% trade bonuses, in the remote scenario either are traded.
  • With 14 players signed, the Dubs are currently over the cap and tax threshold, but not hard capped.


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