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Things We Love About The Warriors: Assembly of eclectic and diverse individuals

Everyone knows the well-rounded skills of Golden State players on the court. But the diverse off-court interests of members of the organization contribute to a fun and rewarding working environment.

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade And Rally
Gleeful Golden State fan makes “confetti angels” at the Warriors Victory Parade on June 15, 2017 in Oakland, California.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr said during his Warriors Victory Parade speech that General Manager Bob Myers is regularly effusive about how much he enjoys going to work each day — loving the heck out of everyone he works with and looking forward to seeing them every day.

Mic drop.

How many people can say that about their workplaces? More importantly, what makes the Warriors workplace so damn dynamic?


The Warriors may share a common bond of basketball. But when they go home, each man dabbles in different interests — and, perhaps, brings them into work the next day, creating an environment in which members of the organization seamlessly learn from each other.

It is experiences like these that enrich human beings and evolve emotional intelligence.

So, here are some of the other muscles your favorite players are flexing in their off time and in the offseason.

Only a person living under a rock would not know that Stephen Curry has an affinity for golf. The sharpshooter entered his first professional tour this summer but unfortunately he did not make the cut.

In addition to composing enigmatic tweets, Andre Iguodala is making inroads in Silicon Valley, planting seeds for a second career after he retires from the NBA. But Iguodala isn’t doing this just to fatten his own pockets — he’s passing his wisdom along to other players to help them secure their financial futures after retirement from basketball.

Former player Harrison Barnes had an All-Star wedding this summer, with current Golden State players in attendance — proof that their friendships travel outside the lines.

Most of the players take lavish vacations in the offseason and Barnes is no different — spending part of his honeymoon in Italy.

Roma ✌

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But did you know he is an avid reader? And that his entire Instagram is the living example of Black Excellence?

And that David West is an avid reader, too? Along with being an NPR listener, philanthropist, social activist and history buff?

Any real Warriors fan knows that Klay Thompson’s dog, Rocco, is his homey — not is son.

(If you’re in need of more puppy love, here are links to Part 2 and Part 3.

But did you know former Warrior, David Lee, has a son named Charles?

Happy National Dog Day to my son Charles... You make your father proud!

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And that Shaun Livingston puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to civic duty and community service?

(In what ways are you involved in your community?)

And that JaVale McGee co-founded #JUGLIFE FOUNDATION, which promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging those who are able to drink a gallon of water per day to do so, but also donating money to countries where clean water is a rarity.

After locking up the 2017 NBA Championship, McGee and a few other Warriors joined him in a celebrity softball game benefiting #JUGLIFE.

*shops for #JUGLIFE products*

And, last, but certainly not least ...

A stylin’ and profilin’ Zaza Pachulia fronting the cover of Forbes | Georgia?!

მაშინ როდესაც ავღნიშნავ ჩემს კარიერაში ყველაზე მნიშვნელოვან მიღწევას, მოხარული ვარ განვაცხადო ჩემი გალფ ჯორჯიასთან პარტნიორული ურთიერთობის დაწყების შესახებ, რომელიც დაფუძნებულია ნდობაზე, ხარისხზე და მომავალზე ორიენტირებულ საერთო ხედვაზე. ჩემი და გალფის პარტნიორობა ითვალისწინებს საქართველოში საკალათბურთო პროგრამების განვითარებას, რომელიც საშუალებას მისცემს ასობით ბავშვს მისდიონ სპორტს და ჰქონდეთ ნათელი მომავალი. გალფთან ერთად, მინდა ახალგაზრდა თაობებს მოვუწოდო იცხოვრონ ჯანსაღი ცხოვრების წესით, აირჩიონ სპორტის გზა, რომელმაც მე პირადად აქამდე მომიყვანა - სპორტში კი მთავარია შრომისადმი უსაზღვრო სიყვარული, თავდადება და წინსვლისაკენ სწრაფვა. მე ვენდობი გალფს - ვენდობი ხარისხში, ვენდობი იმ ბევრ კარგ საქმეში, რასაც კომპანია აკეთებს და ვენდობი ჩვენს საერთო ხედვაში, რომელიც მომავალ თაობებს უკავშირდება! გალფთან ერთად ბევრი კარგი გეგმა მაქვს! #ZazaForGulf #მევენდობიგალფს #zazapachuliabasketballacademy As I celebrate the most significant moment of my career, I am delighted to announce my partnership with Gulf Georgia which is based on trust, quality and shared vision for future. Our partnership envisions development of youth basketball program in Georgia that will enable hundreds of kids to stay active and maintain bright outlook for the future. I encourage our youth to lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports and stay committed and driven towards success. I trust Gulf, trust its quality and many good things company is doing for people and we share a common vision for future generations! We have many good plans for the future!

A post shared by Zaza Pachulia (@zazapachulia) on

#ICYMI: That’s the country of Georgia, in Europe, which was once part of the Soviet Union.

Now, for the predictable puppy-picture encore!

The Curry family adopted a new dog last season. Meet their new puppers, Rookie! Now Reza has a sibling to play with.

Unless you’re allergic, go pet a dog today. Like, seriously.

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