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Dray-Hulk: Comic book mash-up!

An homage to the Warriors and Marvel.

I’d hate to see Draymond when he’s angry!
Artwork by Tony Robles

Inspiration: I love comic book art from the 1970s and 80s. I’ve always wanted to do mash-up concepts blending together my passion for comic art and Golden State Warriors basketball. So I decided to have a little fun and do a cover swipe idea featuring Marvel’s Incredible Hulk and our Dubs' very own Draymond Green!

Back in the days, Marvel used to put out this comic series called “What If…” so I decided to do my own version of Draymond transforming into the Hulk!

It’s also good to be back here with the GSoM community. I took a year off to figure my life out. After losing my job last April, which pretty much broke the straw, it gave me a lot of free time. That helped me rediscover the joy of drawing, and there’s no other group of folks I’d rather draw than our Golden State Warriors! Enjoy, I’ve got a lot more stuff in the works.

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