Why shouldn't someone be like KD?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

As reported on the SB Nation NBA page, apparently a teacher used Kevin Durant as an example of what not to do/how to be on a handout at the beginning of the semester while pointing to Michael Jordan as a anti-KD counter example. The handout states:

KD left the OKC Thunder last summer after falling to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. Following the end of the season, he decided it was in his best interest to join the very same team that has just knocked him out of the playoffs. Don’t be like KD. Don’t take the easy way out.

As a Warriors fan and a Kevin Durant fan in general (going back to college) and a teacher this was both very much in my wheelhouse and quite angering as well. I won't retread all the reasons why this sort of take on KD is really flawed and reductive (much smarter people have spent much metaphorical ink articulating this) but I will say that it's pretty foolish to say Kevin Durant shouldn't be a model for students. For example I might put something like this on a syllabus or handout...

"Kevin Durant challenged himself by going from what was comfortable to a more challenging situation that would allow him to grow as a basketball player and a person. Be like KD. Be curious and go out in search of new experiences and opportunities to continue your growth as a person."

Or something along those lines.

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