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Video Quiz 2: Celebration Counting

#2 in a mini-series of quizzes on the Warriors’ sign language when celebrating baskets.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers
Take a look at these hands, the hand of a government man
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We’ll start with Quiz 2 and then give the answers to Quiz 1.

Quiz 2.

Question 2 (1 pt). What is the precise type of play being celebrated by this signal?

Extra Credit (5 pts). Identify the exact season from Curry’s look and any other clues from the clip.

Answers tomorrow.


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Quiz 1 Questions

Question 1 (1 pt). What is the precise type of play being celebrated by these bench signs?

Extra Credit (3 pts): identify the EXACT game that the second one is from.

Quiz 1 Answers

Answer. I expect most of you know this because it’s a common celebration throughout the NBA. The three fingers up means someone just hit a three-pointer.

In the second clip, you can see Shaun Livingston’s special version of it, which is reloading a shotgun with three fingers up, which I recall came from his Nets days (can’t find the reference). Here’s one of Livingston’s very few threes, after which you can see a few of the bench specifically doing the three shotgun.

The W’s hit so many impressive three pointers that something special has to happen for them to jump up off the bench to flash the threes. Here is the full play for the first clip:

Yes, it was a Stephen Curry logo shot. Similarly for the second clip. Here’s the full play:

This was a near-logo shot from Klay Thompson from a very special game. If you still don’t recognize the game, you need to do some review, so watch this whole video. Actually, if you are a Warriors fan at all, you should watch this.

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