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Warriors’ Kevin Durant Custom Funko Pop Art

Fun little project after Warriors defeated Cavs in June

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These are concept illustrations (not real!)
Artwork by Tony.psd

Here’s a fun little project I worked on immediately after the Warriors defeated the Cavs in June. I’m a big Funko Pop collector and the Klay Thompson Pop figure had just been released during the week of The Finals.

As I was watching Kevin Durant celebrate his first championship, Thompson’s Funko Pop was posted up by my TV set. I thought to myself “I wish KD had a championship Pop to go with my collection!” So I decided to create my own custom Funko Pop to celebrate the occasion! I have included everything from Durant’s “dad hat” and both of his trophies. I couldn't be happier for Durant and our team!

Scroll on down. I even made custom box art and packaging just for kicks using a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

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Custom box art concept of my KD Pop design
By Tony.psd
Full packaging box art concept design
By Tony.psd

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