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The Cavaliers are a mess, and it’s all Dan Gilbert’s fault

One of the worst owners in sports is ruining one of the best teams in NBA history.

2017 NBA Finals - Game One Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Okay, spoiler alert, I’m loving watching the Cavaliers sink into oblivion. It’s like watching the Titanic set off, but if only you were Bran “the Three Eyed Raven” Stark. It’s like watching the first couple episodes of Bill Simmons’ HBO show, knowing it was getting canceled. It’s like listening to a Trump speech from last year, knowing he’s gonna end up in jai—STICK TO SPORTS!!!!!! sorry, I’m just imagining the 1% of you that still care about such things. But, that being said, here we go.

Dan Gilbert is horrible, and he deserves everything that is about to happen to him.

Leadership and stability are two of the most important things in life, especially when it comes to running a sporting franchise. If the owner is rotten, the team will be rotten. I mean, just look at the godforsaken New York Knickerbockers. Ugh, that team will never, ever be good while James Dolan is at the helm.

To that end, LeBron James — since returning from his Miami sojourn — has been the de facto owner/GM/coach/point guard/face/everything of the Cavaliers. He’s called the plays. He’s signed his players (read: Tristan Thompson). He’s run the game. He’s been the guy. But, now, Dan Gilbert — Comic Sans and all — is back, and he’s ready to F things up again for his team.

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

Scene 4:

Scene 5:

Side note, I just saw this and can’t embed it (language, etc), but it’s hilarious so there you go.

Also, side note, and this is getting off-topic, but how TF are people still talking about 3-1??! Ugh, this is the worst of journalism/internet/stupidity/people being dumb.

Okay, anyways, sorry. Back to the task at hand: The Fall of the Cavaliers.

Dan Gilbert is trash and deserves everything he has coming to him.

I firmly believe that in a year or two, the Cavaliers will be a bottom dwelling team, and will stay that way for years to come. Kyrie Irving — no matter if the Celtics trade falls apart, or whatever happens — is gone. LeBron James is gone. He seriously will not be on the Cavs next year, and these guys — these players — talk to one another. Will any other big name free agent ever consider the Cavs again, after everything that has transpired with Kyrie and LeBron? I think not.

And, now, this:

Which was in response to this:

In somewhat related news:

[all h/t via, etc:]

Aaaaaaand this:

Dan Gilbert, you don’t deserve the success that you’ve enjoyed ever since LeBron James came back and delivered on his promise. You are a cheap bastard who won’t pay a GM what he’s worth, and you’ve driven the two stars of your team (who, once again, delivered you a championship) outwards and away from Ohio. LeBron is gone. Kyrie is gone. This is your fault.


Alsoooooooo, THIS (from

“Subprime” Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has always been a grifter at heart. He became billionaire-rich through his predatory mortgage company, Quicken Loans. Gilbert was recently at the White House, crashing the Chicago Cubs World Series visit, to breathe the air of his friend Donald Trump. In Cleveland, Trump might be the only public figure held in lower esteem than Dan Gilbert, who has squandered the good will earned from his team’s 2016 NBA championship by firing general manager David Griffin, lowballing possible replacement Chauncey Billups, and all but ensuring that the great LeBron James finds somewhere else to play when his contract ends in 2018. When this happens, it will mark the second time that Gilbert has, through his own egotism, forced out the greatest athlete to come from Ohio since Jesse Owens.

This is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be fun and games. Sports are fun. Sports take us away from all the other nonsense. Dan Gilbert has somehow — in a little more than a year since the Cavaliers won their first championship — ruined sports for basketball heads in northeastern Ohio.

And yet, I can’t help but enjoy watching the Cavaliers reap what they’ve sowed. Because, of course, Dan Gilbert is horrible and he deserves everything that is about to happen to him.

Soak it in, Cleveland. Let those 3-1 flags fly.

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