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Video Quiz 7: Celebration Airplane

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#7 in a mini-series of quizzes on the Warriors’ sign language when celebrating baskets.

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Be-be-be-be-be Bennie!

We’ll start with Quiz 7, then share the answers to Quiz 6.

Quiz 7 Question

Question (4 pts): Here are three clips of Curry doing a half-airplane, half-Flappy-Bird celebration. What kind of event just occurred? Be as specific as possible.

Extra Credit: Identify any of the games.

Quiz 6 Question

Question (3 pts): what kind of play is being celebrated here? Be as specific as possible.

Here are three clips of Stephen Curry wiggling/staring down his two hands.

Extra Credit. I don’t have any good extra credit questions based on the videos. How about this, WITHOUT the internet... Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have the 10 highest season totals for three-pointers. Name the Warrior with the most three-pointers in a season that’s not a Splash Brother. You get partial credit for naming anyone in the top 5 (non-Splash).

Quiz 6 Answers

Here are the full clips.

It’s related to Quiz 6: the two hands mean that they switched hands during the layup, which means it was a scoop shot.

Extra Credit. You can see from, that the best non-Splash three-point season totals are owned by Dorell Wright (194), Jason Richardson (183), Stephen Jackson (182), Baron Davis (173), and Tim Hardaway (168).