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Poll: Who are the top 15 wings in the NBA?

In the second installment of our summer series, we ask you to rank NBA wings.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Kevin Durant took to YouTube to remind the world that LeBron James is not, in fact, better than him.

With his first NBA championship, a 2017 NBA Finals MVP award, and an iconic shot in Game 3 of the NBA Finals against LeBron, it’s no wonder that he’s riding high right now — as Michael D. Sykes, II of SB Nation has already written, this is the Summer of Durant (and, I might add, everyone else is just hoping to get a time share).

The feisty Durant we all knew and loved in 2010 on social media is back, and this time he’s got a finals MVP trophy to back him up. Shortly after winning his first title, he took to Twitter to let everyone know why he plays for the Warriors. A few days later, he stepped out here and responded to multiple troll attempts with fire tweets.

Now? We’ve pivoted to YouTube. Gotta keep the bases covered, right?

This is the Summer of Durant.

Michael Jordan has also made waves this week by saying that neither of those two is the best in the NBA because that honor belongs to Kawhi Leonard, as described by Henry Bushnell.

So Jordan thinks Kawhi is the best player in the NBA, which is certainly a less incorrect take than his Kobe-over-LeBron stance. Jordan isn’t the only one with that opinion. With LeBron coasting through some, if not most, of the 2016-17 regular season on the defensive end, preserving his energy for offense and for the playoffs, Kawhi probably was the best two-way player last season, on the balance of October through May, weighing every regular season and playoff game equally.

But the regular season and playoffs aren’t equal, and LeBron showed in April, May and June that he is most likely still the best player in the game (despite what Kevin Durant thinks). He is still a defensive force when he needs to be.

So who’s the best wing in the league? In the second installment of our positionless positional rankings, we leave it to you to answer this question along with a broader one: who’s the best wing in the NBA today?

The Process

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. We set up a Google Form where you can write in your top 15 wings. Fill that out and then leave any additional comments you have about your picks or tough decisions in the comment box at the bottom.
  2. Please state that you submitted your picks in the comments below and feel free to share your thinking.
  3. We will tabulate everything and release a GSoM community ranking after a week.

We’ll post the results next Thursday, August 10 and post the next survey (for wings) next Friday.

Who counts as a wing in positionless basketball?

Rather than clearly define who the wings are this time around, I’ll leave that open to you. But it bears repeating that we made the choice to classify James Harden as a wing for the purposes of this series because Chris Paul will likely take a good chunk of his minutes at point guard for the Houston Rockets this coming season.

I suspect that most of the other players who are on the border of being a wing and something else just won’t be in anyone’s top 10 anyway. But if you have questions, just leave them in the comments!

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