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The Warriors’ playoff, division, and championship odds are ridiculously high

Westgate’s official NBA odds have come out, and they’re incredibly high on the Warriors.

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade And Rally Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Westgate SuperBook, the premiere Las Vegas oddsmakers, came out with their official wins odds on Wednesday, tagging the Warriors at 67.5 wins. It’s a very high total!

They also came out with odds on the Warriors winning the Pacific Division, making the playoffs, and winning the championship as well. These odds truly illustrate how far ahead of the pack oddsmakers think the Warriors are.

The Warriors’ odds of making the playoffs are 1-1000. This means if one were to bet 1000 dollars on the Warriors making the playoffs, one would only receive one dollar in return if the Warriors subsequently did. If the haters bet against the Warriors making the playoffs, an $100 bet would yield $10,000 if the Warriors miss them.

Westgate’s Jeff Sherman told ESPN, "The Warriors have the highest price we have ever placed on a favorite to make the playoffs." Even if the Warriors sustain multiple severe injuries (knock on wood!), I think they’ll make the playoffs regardless.

The odds of the Dubs winning the Pacific Division are 1-500. The Suns, Kings, and Lakers project to be among the worst in the conference, and the Clippers without Chris Paul are no threat either.

Even the odds of the Warriors’ winning the championship are pretty damn high. The line is -220, which means a $220 bet on the Warriors winning would yield a $100 payoff. This means the chances of a Warriors championship next year are quite a bit better than 50%, and that is an amazing thing to see.

The Warriors retained pretty much their entire cast this offseason, and another season of playing together and developing chemistry will likely yield a better team this year than last. And with few other teams with hopes of even contending, the Warriors are clearly on top.

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