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Retro Explain One Play: Curry Ties Pelicans Game 3

A video breakdown of the classic Curry threes to tie 2015 Game 3 of the Warriors-Pelicans series.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans
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This is a companion piece to Daniel Hardee’s Golden Moment: Warriors rundown Pelicans in Game 3, which breaks down this April 2015 classic playoff game.

The night of that wild game, I broke down two key plays in A Tale of Two Threes: Key Plays from Game 3 Warriors/Pelicans. Here’s the introduction.

The context is that from the middle of the 1st to the middle of the 4th quarter, the Warriors have looked gummed up and discombobulated on offense. The Pelicans are running them off the three point line and gumming up the passing lanes on the pick and roll plays. But through sheer hustle (and the Pelicans tiring/tightening up), the Warriors have hope. So they know they have to execute basic offense.

And here, they go back to the granddaddy of all of the New Warriors Offense, the very first play installed in the preseason: the post-cross (as I call it and analyze in this old tutorial) set.

And here is a new video breakdown of Stephen Curry shooting the game tying 3s. Enjoy.

Final Thoughts

You can see I am trying to put a little more dense information into the videos, and making them stand-alone right now. I am guessing ultimately this will more clearly communicate than my usual stream of consciousness text flow about little video clips. But I know some of you — at least the ones with good taste — like my rambling. So I’m experimenting with getting some of the rambling and personality into the video.

Your constructive feedback / praise / groupons / free dinners are all very welcome, especially now while I’m not quite sure what I’m doing.


The Explain One Play video is...

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    barely watchable, but you know, it’s the off-season and I’ll watch anything with a bouncing ball.
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