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Thanks for the memories, Ros Gold-Onwude!

We knew it was coming eventually, but her departure is still bittersweet

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When she first became the new Warriors sideline reporter for our local CSN broadcasts, it was immediately apparent that Ros Gold-Onwude was a special talent. Combining razor-sharp basketball insight with an effervescent personality, she captured the hearts and minds of Warriors nation in her three years with the team. In a move that surprised no one, she announced on Friday that she will be moving to Turner Sports - appearing on TNT and NBA TV when the new season opens on October 17th.

I’m sure that people more eloquent than I can ever hope to be will do a better job at describing just how much Ros was loved and appreciated by the entire Warriors community, but I want to bring some perspective of her time here and celebrate her departure - as sad as it makes me to do so. Because her time here was historic. Rather than be sad that she’s leaving, let’s celebrate the time we had together.

It’s been three very good years

Over the last three years - and two championships - Ros has been a key feature of the Warriors media experience. And the best part is that she was so smoothly expert at it, so natural, that it never felt canned or rehearsed.

For those of us who watch every Warriors game, there’s a sort of relationship that develops between the viewer and the media coverage. When previous sideline reporter Jaymee Sire left for ESPN, there was a similar resigned sigh - of course talented young professionals want to work for the leading company. But with Ros, it hurts a little bit more because of how good she was at her job, all the historic moments she has been a part of.

In fact, her touch extends back to the very beginning of this epic journey that we’ve been on for the past three years. Here she is standing next to Warriors legend, Leandro Barbosa when he was the first player to come out publicly and predict that the Warriors were going to win it all.

And then, of course, I can’t help but reminisce about the interview after the 73-win season. An amazing end to a record-setting season and we are treated to a few moments with Steph Curry before his wife joins the show.

But that video brings up another point that I’d like to make about Ros’ excellence as a broadcaster. She was incredibly smooth at laughing through the awkward moments. Look, I’m not saying one way or the other if maybe, perhaps, Ayesha was a little tipsy in that last video, but I have no compunction at all in saying that Draymond Green should not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle when he’s in this condition.

But I her face all through this interview. Her wry expression when Green says that Cavs “suck” is pure gold.

...Or should I say “pure Gold-Onwude? Sorry, dad joke. I’ll show myself out.

She even shines in those inane and somehow unavoidable awkward end of the game questions like, “[W]hat’s the key to good ball movement?”

As you’ll see in the video below, it’s a good strong lead in. She doesn’t just drop the lame question and stick the mic in his face — she provides a little framework for the context to allow him to monologue. And that’s really all these sideline reporters are trying to do: get the player to just talk about the game.

But when it goes south, she lets the interview organically happen. A little follow-up on the intial question, and then closes the circle by lobbing a softball question for Klay to talk about his legendary laser focus.

Thanks for the memories - and good luck Ros!

The good news is that it sounds like she will be doing plenty of work for her new company, which includes both TNT and NBA TV.

As per her podcast (via the Mercury News):

She told listeners that she’d be working the sidelines on TNT’s Thursday night games with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and host Ernie Johnson. Also, she will likely do some in-studio hosting on NBA TV.

So this is definitely not goodbye. But it’ll never be the same.

I don’t know who will get her old job next, but no one will ever replace her.

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