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The NBA Finals got a remarkably dull logo makeover

The NBA unveiled the new Finals logo and it’s not great, Bob

The new NBA Finals logo

The NBA is constantly evolving, in an attempt to keep the league fresh, new, and exciting. From jerseys to draft rules, nothing lasts forever in the NBA.

The latest NBA makeover comes to the NBA Finals logo, which has a history of changing every few years. The NBA Finals are a little bit synonymous with the Golden State Warriors at the moment, so you’ll likely be seeing this logo quite a bit in the next few years. And it’s . . . uhhh . . . well . . . I’m struggling to find a description that doesn’t begin with “incredibly” and end with “bland”.

The new logo certainly looks like it was made in three minutes on MS Paint. Thankfully, Twitter did what Twitter does, so at least we can laugh about it:

So first the Warriors ruined competitive balance, and now they ruined the NBA Finals logo? Jeez, guys, take it easy!

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