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Warriors will make White House decision as a team

Despite rumors, the Warriors have not yet decided if they’ll visit Trump’s White House.

NBA: Golden State Warriors-White House Visit
The Warriors present President Barack Obama with a jersey at the White House
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors have not exactly hidden their disdain for the current political climate in America. From Stephen Curry campaigning for Hillary Clinton, to Steve Kerr’s eloquent post-election message, to Kevin Durant’s pointed comments this summer, it’s no secret how the bulk of the Dubs feel about Donald Trump.

In fact, it was only an hour or so after the champagne had been popped following Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals that rumors surfaced about the Warriors declining the annual White House invitation that is extended to the NBA champs. That rumor was denied, only to resurface and be denied again, all through the summer.

Now, as the season is finally around the corner, the discussion has risen again. Kerr recently spoke with ESPN, and made it clear that the decision will be made as a team:

We will meet as a team to discuss it and make a decision . . . There are a lot of different dynamics to this, and different viewpoints. We’ve got players from all over the world and all over the country, and they’re going to have different perspectives, so I think it’s important for us all to get in a room and hash it out and decide what we want to do.

While the team will discuss it internally, Durant has already voiced that he would not attend. And the other face of the franchise hopped on ESPN to publicly cast his vote as well:

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Trump, always quick to hold a grudge, will not extend the invitation given the negative press the team has given him. However, ESPN noted that the league is confident that the Warriors will be invited if they plan to attend. I’m guessing no one is surprised that Trump would not offer an invite if there’s a chance of rejection.

If the Warriors were to attend, it would likely be on February 27, or March 1, the off days that sandwich their only road game against the Washington Wizards. And it’s safe to say that some of the players find better things to do with their day off.

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