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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump fires back ... via Twitter, of course

The sitting president did not take kindly to Stephen Curry’s Media Day comments.

World Leaders Address Annual United Nations General Assembly
Donald Trump at the UN headquarters on September 19, 2017.
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This story has been updated to include reactions from social media.

During his Media Day press conference on Friday, Stephen Curry stated clearly that he did not want his NBA championship Warriors to celebrate with a visit to the White House.

Curry said any decision would be made as a team, but he would vote “no” in order to make a statement about the direction Trump is leading the country. Before getting to the bigger reason for wanting to steer clear of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Curry said, outright: “I don’t want to go.”

As Americans have come to expect, Trump fired back with a Twitter retort:

It appears Curry’s comments crossed into Trump’s atmosphere during a segment on Fox & Friends:

Trump apparently restrained himself a full 20 minutes before firing back. That Trump’s Twitter response came soon after a Fox News segment confirms what many of his critics have expressed concern about — that the president gathers information most often from a mainstream media source rather than presidential briefings.

Here is the video of Curry’s Media Day presser:

Social media reactions

Michele Roberts, head of the NBA Players Association, advised Curry to consider Trump’s comments a badge of honor:

Leave it to Ayesha Curry, who lives in a self-described “indestructible bubble of happiness,” to turn the situation into something positive, for the benefit of helping others:

James Michael McAdoo basically called Trump a coward for not addressing his tweet to Curry directly:

And David West just laughed in his face:

Bill Simmons basically said Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un are one and the same:

LeBron James backed up prior statements about the NBA being a brotherhood — called Trump a “bum,” said going to the White House was an honor before Trump disgraced the office of the presidency:

And, no, this is not because the former president, Barack Obama, is black. Teams were honored to visit Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, etc. It is only Trump who has been so problematic as to upset this tradition.

Here is Kobe Bryant gifting then-President George W. Bush with a Lakers jersey in 2002:

The fashion choices of the day are not the issue here.

So, the condemnation of Trump is unique to him because of the content of his character, not the color of his skin color:

Jemele Hill has welcomed Curry to the Trump Lashed Out at Me On Twitter Club:

While, former Warriors sideline reporter, Ros Gold-Onwude, put it in terms everyone can understand:

Sports Illustrated’s Michael Silver spread a message of love, and only love:

Meanwhile, columnist Shaun King shared a photo attributed to former White House photographer Pete Souza that shows Barack Obama and Stephen Curry having the most fun a star basketball player and United States president could ever have on Earth:

Total broship.

And Chris Paul addressed what, arguably, could be considered the most of important question of all:

Really, there is nothing funny about Donald Trump’s behavior and it is something the media and everyone should cease to normalize. This country is mired in problems, from recent natural disasters and the years-long Flint water crisis, to healthcare and immigration reform. No matter one’s political views or party affiliation, everyone should be able to agree that the country’s leader should spend more time trying to solve these problems and less time on social media.

CP3 followed his #StayInYoLane mandate with this:

But the party doesn’t really get started until Draymond Green shows up:

And Buffalo Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy didn’t hold back:

Then, the comments got quite Magical:

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