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Support Stephen Curry and LeBron James by copping this awesome T-shirt!

Curry as President and LeBron as his VP? We could get behind that.

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So, things have been weird lately. We’ve obviously covered it in detail, but if you want to continue to show support for our guy Stephen Curry, and if you agree with LeBron James’ assessment of “U Bum,” I highly recommend copping this T-Shirt from Breaking T.

We’ve teamed up with Breaking T in the past, most notably for this amazing T-Shirt after the Warriors won the championship in 2015. We are back at it again, because if there’s anything we like doing just as much as dreaming about Curry endlessly splashing half court shots, it’s envisioning Curry in the White House, bringing his typical class and poise to the office.

I proudly present to you:

Curry James 2020

***No Bums***

Honestly, I could get behind this ticket. Of course, they wouldn’t have the experience and life savvy as a Popovich/Kerr ticket, but at least they’d get out the millenial vote. Just imagine if Curry was president and LeBron was his VP. Curry could show him who was boss both on the court and off! The games of pickup ball on in the backyard would flourish again for the first time since Obama left office. (Side note, I just imagined Trump, Jared Kushner, and former Sith lord Steve Bannon taking on Obama, former Duke player Reggie Love, and former Harvard player Arne Duncan and now I’m dying laughing. That would be the most awkward, one-sided game of ball in the history of the sport.)

Anyways, I plan on rocking this as soon as my order ships. I hope you’ll join me.



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