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Woj bomb: Dwyane Wade is heading to the Cavs

Banana Boat, Assemble!!

Rob Perez via twitter

The Cavs are continuing their pursuit of the best team (circa 2012) that they can bring together. After news broke yesterday that Dwyane Wade had reached a buyout agreement with the Chicago Bulls, speculation ran rampant about where he was going to land. Well the suspense - for what it was - is quickly over as Adrian Wojnarowski just broke the news that the Cavs and Wade are in the closing stages of negotiations that could be finalized as early as tomorrow.

Although he’s on the tail end of his career, Wade is still relatively productive - averaging approximately 18 points, 4.5 rebounds and 4 assists over the course of 60 games last season.

This is a pretty significant win for the Cavs, who have mostly been on the wrong end of player movement this offseason. After trading dissatisfied star Kyrie Irving to Boston for an injured Isaiah Thomas and utilitarian Jae Crowder the Cavs struck out on Carmelo Anthony after being unwilling to part with Tristan Thompson in the deal.

Since no assets were sacrificed, it’s hard to argue that there’s anything for Cavs fans to not like about this deal. They added an NBA Champion and a player that is LeBron-approved at a time when they sorely needed some good news.

That said, pairing Wade with Derrick Rose is going to be a nightmare dream of bad defense and subpar shooting that the Cavs will have to figure out. That’s a problem they are willing to have though, as at a minimum this move gives them a competent starting backcourt whilst they await the return of Isaiah Thomas from his hip injury that ended his season last year during the playoffs.

Warriors fans - if they are anything like me - are pretty happy about this news. It’s a feel-good win for LeBron (who has spent the last few days winning the hearts of Warriors fans across the world by very publicly defending Steph Curry). It also hardly helps them against the Warriors - or perhaps even hurts their cause by plunking yet another poor wing defender squarely into coach Tyronne Lue’s rotations.

For Wade, it sounds like his desire to join a contender and play alongside Lebron again were the deciding factors.

Wade had considered the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and the Heat, league sources said. Wade hasn't ruled out the idea of a future return to Miami, but his desire to join a contender overtook the sentiment of a Heat reunion, league sources said.

For now though, this is likely to be a one-year deal - which actually fits in well with where both he, and the Cavs are at right now. Fun times, right!?

The league looks drastically different now - and our first preseason game is only four days away!

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