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The amazing Stephen Curry

Warriors inspired comic book art continues!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Stephen Curry!

Inspiration: Continuing my collection of comic book art inspired work featuring various players from our Golden State Warriors, this was definitely a fun cover swipe project that’s a mash-up of the iconic Amazing Spider-man issue 300 cover by Todd McFarlane featuring Stephen Curry.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Stephen Curry!

There’s been a handful of “remix” covers using this exact pose with various super-heroes like Spawn, Deadpool & Spider-Gwen imitating the cover art. I went on a different route and used a professional athlete as my main focal point. Many of us can look at Curry being our super-hero!

The majority of the work was done on Adobe Draw (tablet app) using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It was later layed out on Adobe illustrator (desktop app). Enjoy!

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