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The Finals aftermath: My Warriors “16-1” Design


16-1 just didn't look appealing. That was until I removed the 1 and replaced it with a trophy!

Inspiration: Prior to Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals, I started concepting ideas for a fun "16-0" design. Personally, I thought the simplicity of the design spoke volumes as a huge accomplishment for our Golden State Warriors.

And then we lost Game 4 of the Finals in Cleveland. Ouch! My bad if I jinxed it!

To a certain extent, it stung temporarily, but the bright side is that many of us wanted our Dubs to finish the series at home (which they did).

I had my unused “16-0” graphic posted up on my monitor the following morning and my wife comes into my office, sees it and says, "It's a shame we can't use that design anymore."

So I’m glad I was finally able to do something with it! I even have tees for sale on my on-line Tony.psd shop if anyones interested! (men’s small-4xl)

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