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Golden State of Mindcast: Stephen Curry’s newest injury, how the Raptors are for real, and more

Hugo Kitano joins us for a lively discussion about all things Warriors (and much more, as always).

Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Nate and I welcome famed GSOM writer Hugo Kitano to the pod, covering a huge swath of issues including injuries, the nature of fandom, and how life can change in an instant. As always, it was a free-wheeling conversation that covered a bunch of ground, including how Hugo Kitano views the Raptors through the prism of living in Toronto.

Enjoy! We had a blast with this one.

1:00 - A brief football discourse, and how championships and struggle are processed.

5:00 - Welcome Hugo! Talking about how he twisted his ankle a bunch of times and how that impacted his pick-up hoops game.

6:30 - Looking at All-Star voting, the doldrums of the midseason.

11:20 - Finally talking about the (newest) Curry injury.

17:40 - As a Californian, and as a Warriors fan, how has Hugo enjoyed living in Toronto? Also, Toronto’s place in the ranking of NBA cities, as well as DeMar DeRozan’s expanded game.

28:00 - How it takes some players (most players) a long time to become their best self in the NBA, and how we can’t write off struggling youngsters.

43:00 - In a theoretical Finals series, how would the Raptors match up against the Warriors? Also, how many games the other upper-echelon teams would get against the Warriors in a seven game series.

51:30 - Put to it, what team could Mark Jackson coach now?

55:00 - If Hugo feels old, Nate and I feel really old.

1:00:00 - Things take a heavy turn about how you remember world-altering events, and how they impact your life forever.

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