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Draymond Green’s trick to calming down? Luther Vandross

To avoid getting more technical fouls, Draymond Green turns to a musical legend.

Golden State Warriors v Toronto Raptors Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors need Draymond Green to start eliminating his technical fouls. The Dubs are just past the halfway point of the season (44 games played, 38 left), but Green has been T’d up 11 times already.

The NBA has a limit of 16 technical fouls per player. Any technicals accrued after that number result in automatic suspensions. That means that Green can only get five more technicals this season, or else the suspensions will start kicking in.

In other words, he’s not quite on schedule. Thankfully, it looks like he may have developed a new strategy for keeping calm and avoiding technical fouls: Think of some calming, soulful music.

It’s pretty funny to imagine: Draymond Green, one of the most intense players in the league, thinking of an R&B legend when he’s getting a little too heated.

Then again, I can attest that this works. When I used to get angry in basketball games I would start singing in my head; it calmed me right down!

So maybe Dray is on to something here. And hey, even if it doesn’t help him avoid the technical fouls, there are worse things to have going through your head.

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