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Warriors at Cavaliers MLK Day Clash: Pray for Tyronn Lue in ‘The Land’

This could very well be the last Warriors-Cavs clash of LeBron James’ second Cleveland tour.

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2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Why is it that the Cleveland Cavaliersalways wanna be startin’ somethin”?

Drama, drama, drama.

Every time I turn on ESPN or Fox Sports, I see some variation of everyone’s favorite talking sports motif, “Black Guy/White Guy/Female Moderator” vehemently discussing the latest Cavs’ histrionics.

Game Details

Who: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

When: Monday, January 15th, 5:00 PM PST

Where: The Quickie


Radio: 95.7 The Game

Highly Respected Friend’s Blog: Fear The Sword

Injury updates:

Warriors: Andre Iguodala (probable, hip), Omri Casspi (probable, back).

Cavs: Derrick Rose (out, of his mind), Iman Shumpert (out, knee surgery) Isaiah Thomas (probable, rusty hip)

Heavy is the head that wore the crown?

Since LeBron James ghosted on Pat Riley’s Miami Heat and returned to a despot Cleveland franchise, he has been on a mission to cement his legacy as the league’s “Numero Uno.” Which, now that I think about it, makes this whole crazy “Kevin Durant might be better?” thing more and more complicated. Anyways — back to the “King of Akron’s” legacy of transcendent play (this may be his best individual season EVER!) and heart-numbing pettiness.

First, LeBron James handpicks the roster as a de facto GM, then immediately lets the world know it’s woefully inadequate. He defends the only Unanimous MVP in NBA history, Stephen “Angel of Death” Curry one moment from the criticism of salty former NBA players, then he commissions a disrespectful facsimile of the humble assassin Curry’s body to be placed in the front of a door of a “Warriors Blew A 3-1 lead” Halloween be stepped over by guests as they entered. He brags about his legacy’s emphasis on “caring for my teammates more than anything,” yet leads the league in soul-crushing, passive aggressive glares at some glassy-eyed teammate who failed “The King” yet again.

He’s also one of the greatest players in the history of the game with an unmatched, supercharged, alien-ish combination of size, speed, strength, and intelligence. Additionally, he’s most definitely the only reason anybody gives a damn about the Cleveland Cavaliers right now.

With that said, he oversees the last team who actually worried us to death in the playoffs (footnote: two years ago), and under the brolic King James’ command, they rule the East with an iron fist...

...or do they?

Is this the last time the Warriors ever see the LeBron-era Cavs?

Folks, the cryptic “business decision”rumors about James possibly deserting his hometown again are uncomfortable I’m sure for his long-suffering fan base, especially during their “annual winter soon”. If the Cavs say, get body-rocked again in the Finals by the Dubs for a third time in four years, does James jet from the oldest team in the league?

It’s kinda sad because because of the establishing of Kyrie Irving’s Boston Celtics that there’s no guarantee these Cavaliers can even make it to the Finals to see the Warriors...provided the Dubs make it of course ((knocks on solid gold Larry O’Brien trophy)).

The Cavs just blew a 22 point lead to the upstart Indiana Pacers because Lance Stephenson got into James’ head? Their third straight loss?

Sigh... deep down, we all know... Cleveland looks kinda washed right now. A post-Irving collapse doesn’t bode well for James staying in town.

The Warriors are killing as usual

There’s already so much ink on the greatness of Oakland’s franchise, forgive me for wanting to sneak a little bit more into your consciousness. These are just random tweets on various, normal random nights of Warriors greatness on display.

The Warriors are clearly the finest team of this generation and just maybe for all generations to come. They just have to make you believe it, one ass-whupping after another, until even the great “King” James becomes just another tragic footnote in the series of unbridled tweets that Kevin Durant will unleash in an epic Twitter rant that is surely coming after the champions repeat this summer.

Warriors on hot run in recent January tilts vs Cle

January 2016: “Golden Statement: Curry, Warriors demolish Warriors 132-98” comes to mind, or maybe the “The David Blatt retirement ceremony game”?

January 2017:In Warriors’ Rout of Cavaliers, a Big Dose of Catharsis” after a 126-91 assasination following the “3-1” madness and “Christmas Day Kyrie dagger.”

Let’s get it on

Could the Cavs’ coach be fired, Blatt style, by mysterious tweet from James if the “King” is forced to endure even more “Water Torture”? #SPLASH

Goldblooded-prediction: Warriors 118, Cavs 93

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