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Podcast: 2018 NBA All-Star MOCK DRAFT! Steph vs. LeBron — who you got?

Daniel, Bram, and Ivan talk All-Star selections, Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James, and the decline of the Cavaliers

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Bram Kincheloe and Ivan Bettger are joined by Daniel Hardee to discuss the 2018 NBA All-Star picks, and the intrigue surrounding Stephen Curry and LeBron James as captains. Daniel hosts a mock draft, and things get very petty. We also talk Westbrook, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ decline and next move, and the wild Rockets/Clippers show.

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0:30 - Steph and LeBron voted as All-Star captains. Brief explainer on new All-Star system.

1:38 - Drama between Steph and LeBron

3:27 - LeBron picking KD first?

5:47 - 2018 deserves the NBA Petty Draft

6:17 - MVP Westbrook not All-Star starter

8:37 - Banana Boat crew hate Steph?

10:27 - Tangent: Houston Rockets invasion of the Clippers locker room

17:42 - #1 reasons why people hate the Warriors

21:57 - MOCK ALL STAR DRAFT TIME: Bram is Steph, Ivan is LeBron. What if LBJ picked Kyrie?!

25:35 - Steph is on the clock. AD? Giannis? Harden?

27:36 - Back to LeBron for the next pick. Going all Nike / “fake tough guys”

28:38 - Steph going big with his third pick, building the “best NBA Jam team of all time”

30:04 - Steph thinks he’s killing LeBron in this draft. Meanwhile, LBJ stays petty, at the expense of his team

34:25 - Final pick by Steph is a real wildcard

35:53 - Will Kyrie and Westbrook be snubbed in the draft?

38:00 - Is it ok to feel sorry for the Cavs?

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