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Semi-Super Bowl Sunday, a close loss to a hated foe, the government shutdown, and more Warriors news

David Blatt is dropping #hotfire on his old team, the Warriors lost to the hated Rockets, and we are all about to binge-watch some American football.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hello world. Welcome to Semi-Super Sunday! The democracy upon which our hopes and dreams has been built might be crumbling before our very eyes, but at least we have some red-blooded American football to watch, and some Rockets-hate to spew.

Let’s do this.

First off, I’d like to bring attention to some well-thrown shade, courtesy of everyone’s favorite ex-Cavaliers coach, David Blatt:

Oh, I could live under the shade cast right there. In case you missed it, last night the Cavaliers lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 148-124, and it wasn’t even that close. After the game, LeBron said that if the playoffs started today, there would be a good chance the Cavs would get bounced early. David Blatt is now the head coach for Darüşşafaka of the Turkish Super League and the EuroLeague, and just couldn’t restrain himself from taking a shot.

I love it. Open up this vein and let me drink from the source.

Of course, the Golden State Warriors had their own problems last night, so who am I to cast stones? But, I’ll get there.

In related news, it’s #FootballSunday in America today, and the footballing craze is sweeping across our great nation from sea to dully-glowing sea. A pretty boy with strange ideas about politics and nutritional training is nursing a potentially seriously injured throwing hand.

But, if you’re looking to get f’ing hyped about Semi-Super Sunday, may I recommend this gem, featuring national treasure John Malcovich:

Speaking of simpler times, I sincerely enjoyed this tweet:

So, uh yeah, we don’t have a government right now. It was glaringly appropriate that it took the orange buffoon exactly one year — not one day more or less — to quite literally shut down the federal government. So, uh, congrats? That sure is draining the swamp, I guess? I mean, if there is no swamp, there is nothing left to drain.

So, okay, fine. Let’s talk about the Warriors. I begrudgingly respect Harden for this amazing shot to ice an otherwise strangely played game.

My feelings on James Harden are well documented, and exactly mirror this sentiment:

But, damn. That was a hell of a shot in a big moment. Congrats to the Rockets on ... playing their game. T’would be a fun Western Conference Finals (if Chris Paul can ever figure out how to get out of the second round).

Related, this had me dying (after the Rockets vs. Clippers nonsense, wherein Paul led an ill-fated invasion of his former team’s locker room):

Anyways, Does that all sound very bad and very much no fun? Ready for something completely different? Someplace to hide out from the crunch of grown men flinging themselves with calculated ferocity towards one another and the tick-tock of incompetency and anger in our nation’s capital?

Here, dig this, if you haven’t already:

Happy Sunday y’all.

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