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Knicks at Warriors - No Unicorns. But we got 4 All-⭐’s!

Iguodala available, Porzingas out (Knicks unlikely to win)

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets Photo by Nathaniel Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Boy, the NBA sure is a fun place these days!

Even without the famed “Unicorn” of a player, Kristaps Porzingis there is plenty to talk about in tonight’s gamethread. But before we get into all that, here are the quick updates on tonight’s game.

[Also, a quick tip o’ the Warriors beanie to Quickie17 for the perfect headline tonight!]

Porzingas (and O’Quinn) out

The Knicks say he tweaked his knee in practice yesterday, so he’ll be held out of tonight’s game. Let’s be clear on this though - he probably wasn’t going to move the needle much. The Knicks were already 16-point underdogs coming into the game, and the Warriors are still fresh off their painful loss to the smarmy Houston Rockets so all signs pointed (and continue to point) towards a pretty easy win for the Warriors.

This is mostly a loss of entertainment. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in wanting to see the Unicorn take another shot at the NBA’s best defender, Draymond Green. Green has done extremely well in their four previous matchups, holding Porzingas to an average of 12 points on 32 percent shooting; but Porzingas keeps getting better all the time, and is a joy to watch.

On top of playing without a Unicorn, rumored Warriors trade target Kyle O’Quinn (contused left calf) is listed as out tonight as well.

So boo hoo for us fans.

Around the NBA real quick

Holy cow, is a lot happening right now!

First and foremost, huge, well-deserved shout out to Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for getting selected to the All Star team. They’ll join Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to make this the second year in a row that the Warriors sent four All Stars to the big weekend in February.


Of course, there is plenty of delicious, delicious salt to go around.

And of course, more fuel to the fire that perhaps Russ doesn’t help his teammates all that much:

Tip off is at 7:30 (or so), let’s go do some damage!!

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