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Warriors host Timberwolves: it’s GSOM Night, get loud!

McCaw out. Wolves’ Jimmy Butlers is “questionable”

A GSOM member hits a free throw
Andrew Flohr

Tonight is a very special night for many members of our community because tonight’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves is GSOM Night! Our annual chance to step away from our keyboards and take in a Warriors game together. I’ll post some additional details and logistics below, but first we have to cover some actual game details.

Injury updates

As of writing, there was still no formal word on Wolves shooting guard Jimmy Butler’s availability. He’s listed as “questionable” right now, which is just about the vaguest possible status. But he was “doubtful” for last night’s game against the Portland Trailblazers, so I guess there’s been some improvement? The Wolves just have one other minor injury: ex-Warrior Jamal Crawford is “probable” but that’s unlikely to matter much one way or another at this point in his career.

Butler is a big loss as the Wolves have struggled mightily without him in their lineup. After two back-to-back blowout losses early in the year, and then a blown 17-point lead against the Portland Trailblazers last night - a game against the best team in the NBA is probably not the game where the Wolves manage to reverse that trend.

The Warriors are going to sit Patrick McCaw (back strain), and Jordan Bell remains out with a sprained ankle.

It’s GSOM Night! Let’s get rowdy!!

It’s here. I swear, these games feel like a National holiday to me. You should have all gotten a call from The Warriors by now, but just in case, here are some final details for getting in:

Be obnoxiously loud, please

A couple of days ago, when asked about the team’s sluggish starts at home, and subpar record, Draymond Green had this to say:

“Yeah, we suck,” Green said.

Green then jokingly said it may be the fans’ fault.

“We’ve been pretty great at home over the last few years,” Green said. “Something went wrong this year. Maybe the crowd ain’t loud enough.”

There are going to be hundreds of us at this game tonight, so let’s get pumped up and make a difference in the upper deck. Roaracle doesn’t just happen, the crowd has to be feeling it - and going for it - all game. Prepare your vocal chords, do whatever you need to do pre-game to prep yourself, but just lay it all out at the game. Loudly.

These are hard copy tickets (plus vouchers).

BE SURE YOU KEEP EVERYTHING – you can’t go down to the court without the free throw voucher! Plus there’s 10 bucks worth of concession food/drinks in there too!

The Will Call booth is near the East entrance and is probably a pretty good meeting point for your group. Because of where all of our seats are, you’ll want to enter Oracle via the East or South entrance.

Also, the primary ticket purchaser can leave a subset at tickets at Will Call under other people’s names (just in case anyone’s running late) but they’ll have to go and pick up the tickets at Will Call, and then leave yours in person. So if you get there first, I don’t think he’d be allowed to call ahead to get you your tickets.

For the all-important free throws: there will be instructions in your ticket packet - we will all line up in the concourse right after the game. A Warriors staff member will check tickets and escort us down to the floor.

Be friendly

I dropped the ball on name tags (again), so there really won’t be a way to recognize any of your fellow GSOMers other than by the shirts we are all getting. Break the ice. Introduce yourself. Hell, no one really knows who you are - you can impersonate me, or Nate, and no one will probably be the wiser!

Seriously though, I’m a tall white guy with glasses and will be wearing what I assume will be the one and only Andris Biedrins yellow The City jersey (throw back!). Come introduce yourself.

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