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Golden State of Mindcast: Breaking down the surprising Timberwolves with David Naylor

We invite Wolves’ writer Mr. Naylor onto the pod to talk all things Minnesota.

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Bram was off for this pod, but Ivan and Nate welcomed Minnesota Timberwolves writer David Naylor! As always, we love having David on Mindcast. We talked all things Wolves and Minnesota, while breaking down how the Timberwolves have been one of the most interesting teams in the league so far, racing out to a third (or currently fourth) place standing in the packed Western Conference.

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Annotated list of topics covered, times are approximate due to advertisement placement:

1:30 - David explains his twitter handle, which for some reason has to do with ... Pokemon?! lol

4:30 - Are we surprised (and are Wolves writers surprised) that the Timberwolves are doing so well?

9:30 - Karl Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler are both in the All-Star game this, marking only the sixth and seventh Wolves players to ever make an All-Star team. Whoa.

15:00 onwards - basically a giant breakdown of the Wolves’ roster.

33:00 - Which Timberwolves players will continue to take “the leap?” Where does KAT fit into that, what’s his trajectory?

43:00 - What teams to avoid in playoffs for Wolves?

57:30 - Quick breakdown of depressing Vikings loss.

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