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GSOM Night 2017-18: The Aftermath - recapping one fan’s experience

thank god we aren’t tasked with shooting technical foul free throws for this team, but at least we had fun!

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

My fabulous colleagues here at GSOM already have the game details covered, here, and here - but we always like to do a postmortem on the specific aspects of the game related to our fan invasion of Oracle.

Sadly, we didn’t have our intrepid reporter, Andrew Flohr and his fancy camera, so we will have to wait for the Warriors to release their picture. I left my phone in my pocket all night, so hopefully some of you can share your pictures below.

New ticketing system

So, this is maybe the third or fourth iteration of how we get tickets for GSOM night. In the early years we had to fax in our ticket orders (yeah), then you called them in, then we went through the Warriors’ ticketmaster portal with a special access code, and now this year we picked our tickets up at will call.

Like every system, this one had it’s strengths and weaknesses - but I think overall, this worked well. After checking in with my ID I was quickly handed an envelope with everything my group needed. Well, almost everything. When we went to get our shirts, I noticed that my envelope didn’t have the free throw passes. Thankfully, Mrs. Dubs volunteered to run back to will call where the matter was quickly sorted out.

A word on our Warriors contact, Anthony Nutting: amazing. Not only was he able to quickly resolve my issue, he apparently carries some weight among the locals because I heard “Oh, Anthony said? Ok, you’re all good” multiple times. I know there are a million little details that go into the logistics of a night like last night but Anthony and his team pulled off everything incredibly smoothly.

The shirts! Oh maaaaaaaaan are they nice!!

The community really delivered on this design. I was lucky enough to catch up with the designer, Jacqui Smith, and talk about the shirt and her process. As a guy who dabbles in various shirt designs myself it was pretty cool for me to hear how she made the image.

But on top of the awesome art, these shirts are soooooooooft. By far the nicest-feeling Warriors shirt that we’ve ever gotten from a game. Even the people running the tables were nodding knowingly when we commented on the fabric. Seriously, excellent design and execution; and a great addition to my ever-expanding collection of Warriors shirts.

The shirt is still available from the designer here, in case you missed out.

I’m not sure which was worse, my free throw attempt, or my decision to keep drinking.

Well folks, I am sad to report that my latest attempt at making a free throw was no more successful than those in the past. In fact, this was probably my worst attempt of all time.

To be fair, I have a pretty decent excuse: I’m barely recovered enough from knee surgery to make it up a flight of stairs, much less Oracle. And shooting basketballs is definitely well outside of my recovery arc. Equally impactful: the drinking. As a write this, I am relatively sure I’ll make it through today, but the morning was pretty iffy.

On the plus side, hanging out with Nate and Daniel was great. Me and Nate have played pickup ball a few times, but this was the first time I got to experience Daniel in person. These guys are both hilarious, but damn, I did NOT need that last stop at the bar after the free throws!

See you next season!

I know I am probably the loudest advocate for these nights around here, but it’s not at all biased to remind you that these nights really are a unique, fun way to take in a game at Oracle. Next year is almost certainly going to be the last one at Oracle, so I strongly encourage you to try and make it out for GSOM Night’s next iteration.

I’ll be working on my free throws.

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