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Let’s all laugh at the Cavaliers

Cleveland is currently playing poorly. So, let’s make fun of them for it.

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

Remember in the 2017 NBA Finals, when the Cleveland Cavaliers employed an odd strategy where they basically let the Golden State Warriors drive unimpeded to the hoop for a dunk at any time?

Yeah. That was a good time. But, as it turns out, that was only the beginning for the Cavs, as they’ve doubled up on that strategy this season.

And for Warriors fans, it’s absolutely delightful. Looking for something to make you smile this weekend? Here’s nearly 13 minutes of Coach Nick from Bballbreakdown pointing out just how horrible Cleveland is at playing defense. This is more enjoyable video than anything you can find on Netflix.

The Cavs’ defense doesn’t just look bad. Currently their defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) is 109.9, which is dead last in the league.

Read that again. The Cleveland Cavaliers have had the worst defense in the entire league, more than halfway through the season.

Their offense has been good (5th in the league), but the defense is so bad that the Cavs’ net rating is -0.3, 15th in the league. In other words, they allow more points than they score, which isn’t exactly a recipe for success.

It goes without saying that the Cavs will turn things on a little bit when the playoffs roll around. But there’s only so much you can turn on a defense that’s dead last in the league, and an offense that’s suddenly sputtering

Since Christmas day, when Golden State beat Cleveland, the Cavs are a league-worst 3-10. Their offensive rating has fallen to 24th, and their net rating has been an abysmal -9.8, dead last in the league.

Cleveland very well may breeze to a fourth consecutive NBA Finals matchup with Golden State. But until then, let’s all laugh at just how horribly they’re playing right now.

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