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Re-drafting the Harrison Barnes draft, and wondering why we still care

Welcome to 2018.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nate and I welcomed GSOM writer Charlie Stanton to his inaugural pod, and broke down 2018, the Warriors’ biggest storylines, our lingering obsession with Harrison Barnes, the 2018 NBA draft, and much more.

[Annotated list of topics, add time if advertisements inserted]

0:50 - Welcome to 2018. We ... made it?

5:00 - Mavericks vs. Warriors always reminds us of “We Believe.”

6:00 - Finding meaning in each new year.

9:20 - What’s the storyline that will dictate the rest of the season?

13:00 - All the players taken ahead of Harrison Barnes in the draft. Are they better or worse?

16:00 - Draymond Green vs. Anthony Davis. Also, are the Warriors better suited taking second round players without the hype?

20:00 - Nate finally comes around on Barnes.

23:50 - The second pick in the draft is a weird dead zone.

25:00 - Charlie became a Warriors fan because of Harrison Barnes. He stans hard, and I’m here for it.

30:00 - Why are we still talking about Barnes? What makes us care?

34:45 - Harrison is the most polished interviewee ever.

37:00 - “The Harrison Barnes Therapy Session”

38:30 - Charlie’s hopes and dreams for the 2018 draft, in regards to the Warriors.

44:00 - Charlie’s favorite player in the whole draft.

48:00 - Teams that could compete after adding a top draft pick.

54:00 - In 2018 — with the draft, the rest of the regular season, and the playoffs — what can we hope for? What would make us happy?

1:05:00 - How do sports actually change our lives?

1:09:00 - Being thankful for what we have. Happy New Year y’all.

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