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Warriors at Jazz: When a swaggy force meets an immovable Gobert

No Looney or Bell - could we possibly see Javale McGee tonight?

Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Alright Warriors fans, up and at ‘em! I know it was a big rager last night checking out that Salt Lake City #Nightlife, but it’s time to get back to work. For some fans (like me) “getting back to work” mostly means grabbing a beer and watching basketball. But for the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz players it means they’ll actually do some real running and jumping tonight.

Strap in for an ugly one folks. The Jazz play a slow brand of defense-first basketball that is going to jar you like a Charles Oakley elbow. They rank 26th in the league in points scored per game, and 20th in offensive efficiency (stats courtesy of faithful GSOM member ServantOfLuna). When the Jazz put out a lineup featuring Gobert, Derrick Favors, and Ricky Rubio, their offense basically ceases to exist.

But we have Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and of course Nick “Swaggy P” Young to liven the game up - and pour in a ton of points, hopefully.

No game is complete without some injured Warriors

I looked, but I seriously couldn’t find one - does anyone know when our last game with a completely available roster was? It must have been quite a while, that’s for sure.

Anyhooo, tonight’s injured reserve list adds Patrick McCaw (mid back strain) and Kevon Looney (flu-like symptoms) alongside Jordan Bell (ankle). None of these are serious, and Bell is due to be re-evaluated any day.

The Jazz have their own injuries to attend to as well, with rumored Warriors’ trade target, Rodney Hood out with some sort of leg injury. Ex-teammate of Kevin Durant, Thabo Sefelosha is out for the season with a knee issue, and Dante Exum is in his familiar place on the DL (with an estimated return post All Star game).

Could that mean that it is time to unleash the Lob Master?

Last time we saw this team, we didn’t have Steph Curry, but the Jazz were without Rudy Gobert - which probably was a greater impact to their team overall. Now that Gobert is back in the fold, this could be a perfect Javale McGee game.

After being a key player for much of last season, McGee currently finds himself on the darkest, furthest end of coach Steve Kerr’s rotation. At first it was Jordan Bell taking his minutes, then after he went down, it was Kevon Looney. Without either of those players available, will Kerr turn back to McGee? Or will McGee languish on the bench, wondering why he even bothered to remove his fanny pack?

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