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Draymond Green’s second triple-double of the season helps the Warriors to victory over the Houston Rockets

In a matchup of the Western Conference’s top-two teams, Green’s all-around brilliance and the scoring of Curry and Thompson gave the Warriors the road win.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

After they shocked the Warriors on Opening Night and played well to start the 2017-18 season, everyone was looking forward to the next match-up between the defending champs and the Houston Rockets.

That said, this game featured two short-handed teams, as James Harden and Kevin Durant were both to miss Thursday night’s game. But even without Harden and Durant, the Warriors and Rockets put on a show. In a back-and-forth, high-scoring affair, the Warriors pulled away in the fourth quarter to earn the 124-114 victory in Houston.

Draymond’s second triple-double of the season powers the Warriors

Though outpaced in the scoring department by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who scored 29 and 28 points respectively, Draymond Green was the engine for the Warriors against the Rockets. Even without Durant in the lineup, the Warriors still featured some great offensive weapons and Green took it upon himself to get the ball to them.

Getting the ball, Green was able to see Curry’s movement and put the ball in the perfect spot so Curry could get it to knock down the three-pointer. The Green-to-Curry connection was on display later in the first quarter, this time at the bucket.

Green finished Thursday night’s game with 10 assists, playing the role once again of Warriors chief facilitator. Green also contributed on the glass, pulling down 14 rebounds with 12 coming on the defensive end. Green played good defense against the Rockets as well, picking up one of his two steals here early in the second quarter.

Green was a game-high +16 against the Rockets, which reflects how the Warriors played at their best when he was on the court and that his contributions on one end of the court were not canceled out by poor play on another.

In addition to his assists and rebounding, Green scored 17 points, making it back-to-back games with 10+ points. Green scores two here as part of an early fourth-quarter run that put the Warriors in control of the game.

It was Green’s 21st career triple-double, which gave him the Warriors franchise lead for career triple-doubles.

After the game, Green also made a great contribution in the form of a soundbite, specifically one about Rockets GM Daryl Morey and his stated obsession with beating the Warriors.

Iguodala, West, and Looney also played large roles

Taking Durant’s place in the lineup, Andre Iguodala scored 10 points, his first double-digit scoring game since his game against the Sacramento Kings on November 29th. Though he continues to struggle with his outside shot, Iguodala cut and drove to the basket to get his points.

Though there might be a point where Iguodala’s outside shooting woes officially become worrisome, there’s some time before we reach that point (and his three-point field goal percentage really didn’t start trending up until after the All-Star Break last season). But if Iguodala can score like this at the basket and continue to make smart plays when on the court (eight assists against the Rockets on Thursday night) then he’s still a valuable player.

While Iguodala has (relatively) struggled this season, David West has turned back the clock and played great basketball. In just 12 minutes, West scored 12 points while providing rim protection in the form of two blocks. West left the game early after rolling his ankle and made it clear that he had some issues with that play.

While Iguodala and West were offensive help, the Warriors received some defensive help in the form of Kevon Looney. After seeing his playing time diminish with the rapid ascendance of Jordan Bell, Looney played 15 minutes, his most since December 18th against the Los Angeles Lakers, and turned in good defensive play against one of the league’s best offenses.

During the postgame interviews, head coach Steve Kerr was quick to heap praise upon the big man for his good performance.

Even an insanely good Gerald Green performance can’t give the Rockets the win

Even though they were without Harden, the Rockets still pack a formidable offensive punch. But one expects players like Chris Paul (28 points as well as 9 assists) and Eric Gordon (30 points, including some nice finishes at the rim) to put up big numbers night in and night out. What you don’t expect is for an offensive explosion from very-recently signed Green.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
30 points by Eric Gordon wasn’t enough to get the Rockets a win over the Warriors.
Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Green scored 29 points, one night after scoring 27 points against the Orlando Magic. There were some lucky shots (including an absurdly lucky banked-in three-pointer) but it was still an impressive night from someone who seemed to be out of the league just a few weeks ago. Green’s three-point exploits (he made eight on Thursday night) even elicited a classic call from TNT play-by-play man Kevin Harlan.

But even with Green picking up some of the scoring slack for the absent Harden, and big man Clint Capela contributing 15 points (while showing off a nifty eurostep) and 10 rebounds, the Rockets did not have enough to get the victory.

Both Curry and Thompson go over 20 points against the Rockets

I would be remiss if I didn’t call attention to Curry and Thompson’s performances against the Rockets, with both Splash Brothers playing well with Durant missing the game. Though Curry had to contend with a very grabby Rockets defense, he was able to get open for the briefest of windows here to make the catch-and-shoot three-pointer.

Curry looked good against the Rockets, even after playing last night against the Mavericks. Thursday night was also Curry’s third game back since his ankle injury and he continues to show no sign of rust.

Thompson, against a team he has struggled against from three-point range in the past, shot 67%, making 6 long-distance shots which tied a season-high for him. It’s also his fourth-straight game with 20+ points.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
From both two and three-point range, Klay Thompson made big-time contributions to the Warriors offense
Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Late in the game, Thompson appeared to go back-and-forth with a fan sitting near the court. After making one of his last three-pointers in the fourth quarter, Thompson even erupted in a show of emotion. After the game, the Warriors shooting guard addressed the “issue.”

The Rockets defense still looks to be an issue

With each team missing one of their best players, it’s tough to take a great deal from this game. However, I do think something this game showed us is that the Rockets, for all the talk of how they’re on par with the Warriors, do not have the defense to stop the Warriors’ attack. The Rockets give up around 106 points per game, but the Warriors (without one of their best offensive weapons) managed to score 124. While the Warriors shot well from the field on Thursday night, even the shots they missed were good looks that might have gone in if the ball had bounced a slightly different way.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Even when James Harden returns, one wonders if the Rockets will have enough defense to play with the league’s elite teams.
Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

The Rockets’ problem is not their offense and thus Harden’s return will not solve this problem (in fact, it will likely exacerbate it). The Rockets also can’t count on Green to keep up these kinds of numbers for the rest of the season. While the Rockets did score more than the Warriors usually give up, that seemed logical as they were without one of their better defensive players and rim protectors in Durant.

Though the Rockets did shoot below their season average from three-point range, the Warriors three-point defense was a big part of that. The Rockets were able to remain in the game because of scoring inside the three-point arc (perhaps easier owing to Durant’s absence) and getting to the free-throw line.

The Rockets are a very good team, even without Harden in the lineup but especially with him in it, but there still remains a gap between them and the Warriors. Thursday night’s game showed exactly what that is.


Curry and Trevor Ariza fell onto Usher, who was sitting courtside at the game. That led to an outstanding tweet by CSN Bay Area’s own Kerith Burke.


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