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Warriors at Clippers: we are the Lob City now

Durant out with injury, but Curry and Warriors should be fine. Clippers? Not so much.

Well, good morning. This game sure is coming early!

Pull up a Bloody Mary and get ready for another fun installment of a California rivalry that ended up being a bit too one-sided, but has always entertained.

The Clippers were one of those teams that just made Warriors fans want a rivalry.

On paper, it was a perfect match. Both teams had premier players at the point, and a stacked frontcourt. Ultimately, through a perfect combination of Warriors excellence and Clippers implosion, the matchup never really materialized. Instead, Golden State became everything that Lob City was supposed to be.

Now? It’s pretty much over - at least in this iteration.

The Clippers have been left in the dustbin along with other “shoulda been great” teams that just never gelled for one reason or another. Through a perfect storm of mismanagement and pure bad luck, the Clippers are floundering as a franchise. Lob City officially died when Chris Paul left, but any real chance of dominance perished long ago.

As it stands today, the Clippers are without most of their point guard rotation after injuries to Beverley (knee surgery) and Rivers (minor ankle injury); As of about two hours before game time, Milo Teodosic is still listed questionable. Instead they are left with exactly one point guard on their roster - a score-first combo guard in Lou Williams.

The Point Forward showdown bears watching

There is something immensely satisfying about watching Draymond Green own Blake Griffin. Ever since David Lee famously told Blake to stop flopping, there is a visceral joy that I get from seeing Griffin struggle against our lowly second round draft pick.

Bear in mind that without their guards, the Clippers are more likely than ever to try and use Griffin as a point forward. Going against the best in the game in Draymond Green, this should be a matchup that favors the Warriors. That said, the Warriors will need to provide extra help at the rim without Kevin Durant in there to provide ancillary support for Green on those drives off of a switch.

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