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GSOM night is almost here, take a first look at the shirt

Just over two weeks to go!

Original Artwork created by: Jacqui Smith

For those of you who are new to it, Golden State of Mind (GSOM) Night is our special promotion that the Golden State Warriors are kind enough to run with us. It started naturally enough — we are all here, typing away about the Warriors — why not just all go out and try and see a game together? Beyond the amazing ticket price, the free shirt, and the free throws, they are also throwing in a 10 dollar concession voucher with each ticket that is good for any food or drink they sell. It’s like one half-off beer!

With just over two weeks remaining before the game on January 25th, it is time for our final announcement: the winning shirt design. As we announced back in August, this year we wanted to try something a bit different with the t-shirt designs - so we solicited designs from you, our readers. Given the awesomeness of the designs, we actually had to let the Warriors organization choose between our two finalists. So without further ado, BOOM!

Jacqui Smith via GSOM

This design was put together for us by Jacqui Smith, aka,“GoldBloodedKween” and we really liked how visually stunning the design is. Lots of important Warriors elements in there without feeling too crowded.

Personally, I am all for the idea of getting the community to design these things - and given the high quality of submissions - I think we will try and do it this way again next season (our last at Oracle Arena in all likelihood).

Finally, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Javale McGee, who submitted the runner up design, which you can see here. Really top notch work!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest! See you at Oracle in a couple weeks! I’ll be back just prior to the game to post final details and logistics, but feel free to ask any lingering questions you may have below.

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