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The Warriors will trim their roster on Saturday, but the door is open for Pat McCaw

Bob Myers has some decisions to make.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018-19 season is so close that it’s knocking on the door. When Tuesday rolls around, the Golden State Warriors will raise their banner, receive their rings, and then tip off against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And between now and then, they need to make some roster decisions.

The team currently has 13 players on guaranteed contracts, and one player on a two-way contract. That means that they have two roster spots that can be filled, as well as one two-way spot. With all that said, Golden State has maintained that they’ll likely only use 14 roster spots, so it seems likely that they are only looking to fill two slots.

And competing for those spots? Six camp invites on non-guaranteed contracts. Oh, and one Patrick McCaw.

After they play the Los Angeles Lakers this coming Friday, the Warriors - led by GM Bob Myers and coach Steve Kerr - will need to make their final roster decisions. But while the McCaw saga has drawn on, and will almost surely linger beyond Saturday, Myers is making it clear that the team is not closing the door on a reunion down the road with the third-year guard.

Mark Medina of the Mercury News recently spoke with Myers, and the GM revealed some of his thinking as he approaches key decisions regarding the team’s roster construction. Myers pointed out that a contract doesn’t need to be guaranteed until January 10, and stated that, “You don’t have to guarantee a player. You can two-way a guy. It doesn’t mean you’re filling the spot. You could fill the spot if you chose to, but it’s not the only route we’ll go. . . It’s all fluid.”

This certainly suggests that the team is considering using a few of the camp invites to provide roster patchwork until something is potentially resolved on the McCaw front. Recent signs have pointed to the two sides parting ways, but Myers said they’re still in contact with McCaw’s team, and that the Warriors “Primary hope is we can get him here.”

No one was expecting the Warriors to still have serious roster question marks at this time of the year, but here we are!

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