Kevin Durant leaving GSW for LA - Confirmed

Over the last week, reached out to sources that I personally know and are reliable about Kevin Durant's free agency plans. I have compiled all of my findings here:

I have three trusted personal sources that I reached out to:

The first works for the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. The BGCP works closely with KD and his agent, Rich Kleiman. He told me that they talked about Durant's future in the partnership and told me that it is extremely likely that it will be over next year.

The second source I reached out to was a reporter within the Warriors organization. He knows all of the players personally and said he spoke to KD off the record a while ago. He said KD wants a larger market and wants to pursue the entertainment business, hence the planned move to Los Angeles. He made it clear that Durant wants to have fun wherever he plays. He informed me that Durant came to GSW because of the culture but also because he struck so many strong bonds through Team USA; Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala. He said over the 2011 season lockout, Lebron and KD began hanging out and really enjoyed each other's presence (This was the season they recorded their song, It Ain't Easy, together). My source informed me that Durant feels like he has gotten a lot out of Golden State: two rings (possibly three), two Finals MVP awards, and a chance to grow as a player and as a person. He is looking for a bigger challenge as well as a chance to play with his close friend, Lebron James.

My third and final personal source is a friend of Luke Walton. My source tells me that he spoke to Walton over the summer about the Laker's future plans. Walton said that the Lakers are "heavily" interested in Durant (as well as Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler) and that Walton and James had informally spoken to Durant (meaning it was not an actual free agency pitch) about free agency plans next summer and the possibility of Durant teaming up with James in LA. Walton said Durant was "on the fence" about the decision but is leaning toward the move to LA.

Along with my personal sources, I also collected information from mainstream sources:

Stephen A. Smith and ESPN reported that Lebron had reached out to Durant over phone. This was reported three days after my source had informed me.

Marcus Thompson, an insider in the Warriors organization tells me that KD has already made up his mind and that it feels like "this is the last year."

Bleacher Report reported that Lebron and Durant were seen at the same bar getting dinner together. They wrote a few days later that Lebron and Durant were filming in downtown LA together.

It is unfortunate news, for sure, but when he does leave, lets keep our emotions in check. He has given this organization a lot and we should be forever grateful to him.

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